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I've finally gone and done it.  When nearly 1 out of every 4 clicks on the internet is on Facebook, it's time to finally get on board. It seems I'm always embarrassingly late hopping on the latest trends - I was probably the last guy on earth to trade in my boom box for a CD player.... and I'm still clinging to my DVDs pretending Blu-Ray doesn't exist.  Yes, folks, it's time to hop on the Facebook gravy train.

Actually, I envision this to be a good thing for Retrospace.  Facebook will perhaps provide an easier means to comment and interact.  I have it set to automatically upload every new post to Facebook, so you'll get the same material over there, but perhaps a more involved thread of comments.

The downside is I don't know what the f**k I'm doing. What the hell is a "wall" and what are these effing "notes"? I'm sure I'll get a grip eventually, but the learning curve may take a few weeks. Plus, right now I don't have a single friend (not even my wife) and it looks pretty sad and depressing.  One stranger tried to friend me, and I inadvertently denied him.... so, I've managed to piss off the one and only person showing a remote intrest.

But I invite all of you to head on over, and let's see how this goes...

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  1. Personally, I hate Facebook. It is intrusive, deceptively and intentionally untransparent in their practices and privacy notices, Invasive, Censorius (yep...as you may one day learn) confusing (again, intentionally so as to make "opting out" of anything they can use to sell data they collect so difficult you give up, and if you post anything of a personal nature (or even unpersonal) they have it and own it forever. But I'm on there...Dull Tool Dim Bulb, Vintage Sleaze and old time religion. However, my name isn't.

  2. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    Please don't go exclusively Facebook. I don't (and won't) use facebook, so if you move to that platform exclusively I'll be deprived of all the retro-goodness.

  3. I'm right there with ya, Gilligan. Didn't want to do it, but it was a necessary evil. Just make sure you have all your privacy settings the way you want them (search and you will find tutorials). And please pass on what you learn to the rest of us. We won't leave, your content is too consistantly good.

    Blog on you crazy diamond!

  4. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    I think it's great. I am not a hip FB guy but I check into it and it is a way to get your posts seen. If you need an easy to link up your blog feeds to FB try


    They have a FB option too and your new posts will appear there pretty quickly

    Welcome aboard

  5. Well I friended you. You can set up a group instead of an individual. I don't know enough about how, but I know you can.

  6. nanette rMay 21, 2011

    i went ahead and friended on fb, even though this might be your last blog entry until we can get the server up and running in heaven ;)

  7. There is no way I'm going exclusively FB. Remember when blogging first hit the scene, it was all the buzz until Myspace, then Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr made it seem antiquated.

    But you can't keep a good thing like blogging down. Its proven its awesomeness by weathering the storm, and now it's second only to facebook for reasons people are on the internet. Blogging has so much more room for creativity and putting thought to page. Facebook may connect people better, but blogging is still the ultimate means to convey information, share images, and unleash your creative mojo.

    So, I'm jumping on the FB bandwagon, but this site will always be numero uno.

    And nannette, on the bright side of things, maybe when those Raptured party poopers are gone, mini skirts will come back and marijuana will be legal. Dare to dream.

  8. What the--Retrospace on Facebook!? I believe the following song best describes my feelings in regards to Gilligan's decision...


  9. nanette rMay 21, 2011

    i bought two mini skirts at a yard sale today and where i live, grass is legal ;) i have the sept. 1969 issue of Look magazine and all the classic music i need to go back in time. i will be in 1969 when the whole thing ends ;)

  10. There are times when I'm constantly on FB, just because I'm bored or want to check on my friends. After all, it's only a means of communication and quite powerful. So it would be unreasonable not to use it.