Twisted Impressions #9: A Couple Lobby Cards

Close your eyes kids. What happens in the next frame is gonna get a little graphic.  This must be a movie-still from the unrated director's cut.  Obviously, Lemmon is the receiver, but who's the giver? [spoiler alert] Answer: the great James Cagney, like you've never seen him before.  Rumor has it that both Paul Lynde and Rip Taylor auditioned for the part, but the director thought Cagney had more flair.

Ummmm. You don't show a man trying to make sweet love to a woman and have the words "The Incredible Shrinking Man" emblazoned above. Look, maybe it's cold out. This may very well be a case of "shrinkage", but do you have to broadcast it to the whole world?

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  1. Was the incredible shrinking man in a pool?