Vinyl Dynamite #31: Plantasia

Say what you like about the seventies, one thing is for sure - they loved their house plants.  Ferns, one of the hardest plants to keep alive, were friggin' everywhere - primarily hanging from burnt orange macramé.  Talking to plants actually was a popular fad - I mean there was some serious plant love going on in the 1970s (and not just the kind of plants you smoke).  In fact, there were a number of records released throughout the decade which specifically were designed for plants to "hear".  Sure, geraniums don't have ears; but, they can feel the groovy vibrations, man.

Here's a track from the insanely mellow album Plantasia (1976).  The artist here is Mort Garson, the dude that composed the epic lounge hit "Our Day Will Come" (1963) and dabbled in the dark arts of the moog. He was also a wicked game show theme composer.

So, pull up your Boston Ferns and other green friends around the house.  Especially, you Spider Plant - this one goes out to you.

"Symphony for a Spider Plant"


  1. I remember ferns being the plant of choice in the 70s! One time, when I was around 12, I went to the woods with a friend and her mother, and helped them dig up some wild ferns so that they could plant them and hang them from their porch. I also remember the hundreds of tiny dead leaves they would leave behind when they would start to get dry.

  2. AnonymousJune 09, 2011

    I stumbled upon this record browsing through blogspots and think the idea of playing moog music to plants is silly, BUT I have to say this has been my favorite album for almost a year now. I play the hell out of this record... Thanks to retro blogs (like this one) and music blogs, people like me are being introduced to an entirely new spectrum of music.

    Thanks for this post. And I think I'll listen to some Plantasia now. I give it 5 out of 5 stars :)

  3. Wow, that's kind of pleasant and spacey. Actually, it sounds a bit like NES music.