Retrospace Podcast Roundup

In case some of you are latecomers to the existential experience that is the Retrospace Podcast, I thought I'd consolidate all episodes 1-17 in a single post. Download them all, or just listen to them while you pretend to look busy at work.

I must say, I've been been pleased with the gradual increase in listeners to the podcast.  Thousands have downloaded episodes, and tens of thousands have played them (although, only a hundred or so subscribers). So, give a few a try - they're only about fifteen minutes each. Enjoy!

Download Podcast 1

I will apologize up front for 2 of these early podcasts (I can't remember which) where I try to play DJ and introduce the tracks.  Ugh. Casey Kasem I am not.  I sound like a cheap Caucasian imitation of Venus Flytrap... it's not pretty.  I'm only including them in this compilation because I do actually like the episodes, in spite of the awful talking bits.

Also, if you want the track listing for some of these, you'll need to click the podcast banner in the sidebar.  That'll lead you to the full posts for each podcast episode.  Also note that I've included the artwork (if that's what you'd call it) from the original posts.  For instance, the next image is from the Podcast 2 post...

Download Podcast 2

Download Podcast 3

Download Podcast 4

Download Podcast 5

Download Podcast 6

Download Podcast 7

Download Podcast 8

Download Podcast 9

Download Podcast 11

Yes, I know. There's no episode ten.  That's because that was a Trivia Newton John episode, and probably not very re-listenable.

Download Podcast 12

Download Podcast 13

Download Podcast 14

Download Podcast 15

Download Podcast 16

Download Podcast 17


  1. I have enjoyed them all, sir! Keep 'em coming!

  2. AnonymousJune 16, 2011

    Where in God´s name have you found the picture of the girl doing her workout on top of the boomblaster? She is in fact Annika Lantz, a Swedish radio "personality". The mere sound of her voice is enough to make you want to puke. Retrospace should be a sanctuary...