Sex Sells #24: The Look of Love


The "Sex Sells" principle doesn't just mean you put a pretty lady in an advertisement or throw in some subliminal sexual imagery. Sometimes, products are just marketed by bombarding you with pictures of men and women about to make sweet, sweet love.

Not only does this make the man or woman think "I will get laid if I buy this product", but it also puts an unconscious link in your mind between the product and lovemaking.  Not a bad strategy.  There's a reason this technique has been used for decades across the globe - it works.  Let's take a look at some great examples of this time honored technique.  

Note: Due to the fact that there's simply too many examples out there, I'm only going to show you one specific trope: like the picture at the top of this post, each has the chick on the left, the guy on the right, both giving each other "the look of love".

I dig the tight sweater/tourneket, but the boob blouse is even better
Mr. Furley wasn't the only guy that could rock an ascot

I can't decide if wearing a Charlie's Angels shirt is gay or unbelievably cool.... or both.

All joking aside, I would literally kill a human being for this sweatshirt.   It sounds extreme, but  so is my love for this shirt.

"personal space" is not a word in his vocabulary
maybe a little kinky element going on here... or maybe I'm just a pervert

Not only do we have the Look of Love, but there's also phallic imagery here.... can you guess what it is?

This looks like the beginning of a porn, not a travel brochure. If this is what it's like in Connecticut, I think it's time for me to grab slice of Mystic Pizza.
Is Mister Rogers getting this young lass blitzed on Four Roses? You go, Fred.

"Try these, they never quit".... I sense a double entendre here somewhere

Light Up a Lucky - It's Light-Up Time
Watch out, brother. Remember shrinkage.

Tipalet Cigarette ad
This ad is famous for its supposed sexist nature.  What do you think?

Breathless Love
Not to sound crude, but given her expression, I think he's pleasuring her right now.
Subliminal Benson ad
"soft pack" or "hard pack".... which does he have? My money's on hard.
... new day woman!
Oh, hell. What's that in her hand?.... whew (wiping sweat from brow), it's just the pepper shaker.  False alarm. No subliminal sexual imagery here.
Playground for men's hands
His right hand is currently playing in the 'sandbox"
that smile, those teethsies!
Travel tip: If you're in Germany and see two people in the pool give each other this look, get out of the water as fast as you f***ing can. Things are about to get ..... (clears throat) unconventional.
The look in their eyes seems to indicate home-slice in the white suit is probably getting lucky tonight (especially considering  Coke  had traces of cocaine back then).  Sadly the soda jerk will have to live up to his name all alone.


  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2011

    Just a quick correction: The last pool pic is Swedish, not German…

  2. The Benson and Hedges one - the dude looks like John Barrowman lol

  3. The copy on that wig ad is hilarious.

    "I, Armando Ghedini, swarthy International Wigmaster, adore women."


  4. AnonymousJune 30, 2011

    Random Observations:

    How did Jimmy Kimmel sneak into that He-She Jewelry ad?

    "I have created a playground for men's hands". This line can't be allowed to be forgotten again. Someone needs to make this line famous with a song, or at least name their blog after it.

    "Mr.Hick's Casuals": okay, sure, the pic looks funny *now*, but was it supposed to look funny even *then*??? Hard to believe if it wasn't.

    The "peace in '70" shirts: why can't we make some new ones that look just like the originals? I think they'd sell. I want one!

  5. Hoo Boy! Dig these "what kinda man reads PLAYBOY" ads on my blog-


    Al Bigley

  6. That Seagrams ad - what, are they legless? You had to put in some effort to screw up like this in the days before Photoshop!

  7. "I can't decide if wearing a Charlie's Angels shirt is gay or unbelievably cool.... or both."
    Let me clear that up for you: it's unbelievably cool, no doubt about it.
    I also covet that 1970's peace sign sweater by the way.

  8. The Colgate ad is not in German, probably Dutch or Belgian.