Charles Nelson Reilly Sightings

I urge you to dust off those old photo albums and listen to what I have to say: Charles Nelson Reilly was everywhere... and we never knew it  Not only was he making more TV cameos than Rip Taylor and Nipsey Russell combined, but he was also busy photobombing polaroids and kodachromes across the country!

When I first spotted a CNR in an old photo, I assumed it was just someone who looked like him.  But then, I started looking at my other photos a little closer.... and guess what I found? Charles Nelson Reilly was in picture after picture - weddings, parties, vacations and just plain candid shots.  It didn't matter - CNR was always there.

There's only a few possible explanations for this, none of them completely plausible.  (1) There was a legion of CNR clones scattered throughout the country, (2) CNR was stalking me, my family, and my friends, (3) Charles Nelson Reilly is a godlike entity.

Whatever the case, finding CNR looming in the background of all my photos was certainly creepy at first; but, after a while it became kind of fun trying to find him hidden somewhere in the image.  But don't take my word for it - dig in to your own scrapbooks. But don't say I didn't warn you.

And if you have any old photos with a CNR sighting, please send them to me at 123rerun@gmail.com. I'd be interested to see them, and will include them in future posts with credit and a link to you.


  1. Well, I'll bet you've convinced everyone over on Finding Bigfoot these sightings are authentic...except Ranae, of course!

    What? No pictures of CNR with Fat Cat?

    Fun post!

  2. He was a good friend, and one of the funniest people I ever knew in my life, on camera and off!

  3. Ruth, if that's really you... I am thrilled that you dropped by. Gladys Ormphby & Dino are the penultimate comedy duo. And, yes, CNR was one of the funniest people ever - I agree. The fact that he's still big a part of our pop culture lexicon testifies to that.

  4. The only downside to CNR running rampant all over the place is that we had to put up with Gary Burghoff "filling in" for him on episode after episode of Match Game. What an annoying little pest he was when he wasn't playing Radar.

  5. Remember, Gilligan, there was Gladys Ormphby & Tyrone F. Horneigh before Gladys & Dino!

    @Armpit Studios: True stuff about Burghoff on Match Game, but, to his credit, he always knew he was keeping the seat warm for CNR. Now, if CNR and Richard Dawson were gone for the same period of time, that would've had an impact on ratings!

  6. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    A funny version of Where's Waldo! This one should be called "Sighting CNR".

  7. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    Just in case your readers haven't seen it, Weird Al spoofs the Chuck Norris legend with the beloved Charles Nelson Reilly. It do not see it in any way disrespectful to CNR, but as a loving tribute; we grew up with and loved them. I still fall over every time he rides Gene Rayburn.


  8. Anyone remember that Dead Milkmen song about CNR?

  9. This is so cool and lots of fun!

  10. I actually had a college art professor who looked just like him, even down to the voice and glasses.