Opinions and Rants #35: Happy 4th of July!

The Fourth of July gets me feeling all warm and fuzzy about the USA.  I can't help it; despite what some may say, our country is a good country.... nay, a great country.  We've made a lot of mistakes as a nation, but show me one that hasn't.  It's a shame that tea party and ulta-conservatives had to come along and be such anti-patriotic buzz kills.

Say what?
What did he just say?
Is he cracking wise?

They would have you believe that these guys (tea baggers and conservatives) are the true patriots, whilst liberals are just a bunch of communist pantywaists.  I would argue that this couldn't be further from reality.  They wrap themselves in the flag, just as Wal-Mart once emblazoned all their products with a patriotic red, white and blue "made in the USA" tag.
"But as sure as God made black and white, what's done in the dark will come to the light."
- Johnny Cash, God's Gonna Cut You Down
There's a very un-American spirit in the air on Fox News and talk radio. It's shrill and hateful, but wears the costume of the "Founding Fathers". My grandparents would be horrified.  Yes, my grandparents and their generation would have called their rhetoric treason.  In fact, much of what is said by Limbaugh and Glenn Beck would be considered appallingly anti-patriotic.

And this is where the "Retro" in "Retrospace" comes into play.  Here is my list of 5 Ways Conservatives Would Be Called Un-American by My Grandfather.  I use gramps as a personal example, but his beliefs were the consensus of his generation.

1.  Unbridled Capitalism is Un-American

My grandfather wouldn't buy a car made in Japan.  In fact, he was horrified my wife and I purchased a Toyota back in 1992.  He understood that if you want your country to prosper, you need to buy the products it produces.

Unbridled capitalism means letting companies set their headquarters in the Camen Islands and outsource all the labor to Bangladesh.  It makes the companies' coffers bigger; but Americans get screwed: no tax revenue and no jobs.

2. Hateful Speech Against Our Government is Un-American

My grandfather thought those hippies were anti-patriots with their oftentimes hostile words against the government.  You could argue that they loved the country, but hated the government... but I can also see the other side of the argument where they crossed a line.  He would have been just as horrified to hear the unpatriotic poison coming from Ann Coulter's mouth.

Listen to Beck and Limbaugh.  After a while, you wonder if they have anything positive to say about our government.  It's okay to be critical, but holy crap, it's no wonder patriotism is hard to come by these days.  For instance, how is it possible to have school spirit when all you hear is venomous indictments against the principle, the teachers, the school board?

According to the Republicans, Fox News and talk radio: Obama is a socialist and a racist (according to Beck) who hates America. Bill Clinton was a lying sexual deviant hick.  Al Gore is a robotic "environmentalist whacko".  Not knowing where to stop, Ann Coulter called Princess Di a bulimic whore.... just for good measure.  Granted, smear tactics are part of politics, but since when has it been the focus of 24 hour news and radio? It is sure hard to be proud of your country amid all this anti-government negativity. I long for the days when JFK could screw Marilyn Monroe and guys just gave him an imaginary high five.

3. Putting Soldiers in Harms Way in Unpopular Senseless Wars Is Un-American

It was my grandfather's generation that were borderline isolationists.  They waited till the US was actually attacked before entering a war that would cost thousands of American lives.

The 9/11 terrorists were largely Saudi Arabian, not Iraqis. Yet Saudi billionaires were regular visitors to the White House and we attacked Iraq which had no WMDs.... and Afghanistan, and Libya, and Somalia, and... well, what's next? Iran? Do these chicken hawks not realize that it is bankrupting our nation and costing American lives, and leaving thousands upon thousands more with horrible injuries? I guess Americans are just expendable when it comes to matters of "global interest".

4. Destroying the Middle Class Is Un-American

This country is built on the middle class.  The middle class IS America.  My grandfather was fortunate to live in the Golden Age of the Middle Class.  After WWII, the middle class ruled the country - the rich were taxed up the yin yang to keep things equitable.  Limbaugh would call this Socialism; but, this generation was anything but Socialist - they had learned from history (the 1920s and 1930s), and knew what it took to make the country prosperous - and that would require a healthy and robust middle class.

Never mind that Glenn Beck owns several palatial mansions and a private jet, he's looking out for you middle class folks.  Never mind that Rush Limbaugh paid Elton John $1 million to play at his wedding, he's really has the middle class' interests at heart.  To go back to a tax code like during Eisenhower and FDR would be "Socialism".  What assholes.

These same "executives in blue collar clothing" would also have you believe unions are to blame for our bad economy.  They would have you believe they've changed, become more demanding and anti-corporation.  But can they cite one example of exactly how they've changed? The unions want a living wage and benefits for their members - that hasn't changed one iota.  Sean Hannity would be horrified to learn what kind of wages and benefits were demanded from companies back in the 1950s.  It was costly to the companies, but, once again, you have to look at the big picture - it created a healthy and thriving middle class.

5. Constant Rhetoric Against Fellow Americans Is Un-American

For my last point, I'll have to diverge a bit from grandpa's generational attitude a bit.  I can think of a lot of positive words to describe The Greatest Generation, but "tolerant" may not be one of them.  It was a pretty white bread society, with immigrants having a hard time becoming accepted. Gays, blacks, women,.... anyone not a white male pretty much took a back seat.

But acceptance and tolerance is always a gradual thing.  As bad as it was, it was at least on a path, however slow, to tolerance. The vehemence of the Tea Party and its ilk makes me worry that we are taking steps backward.  Like it or not, America was founded on and built upon the "melting pot" philosophy of acceptance.  The path to an acceptable level of tolerance has been slow and rocky, but I feel that if you plotted it on a graph, it would still point in the right direction..... until recently.

Here's the reality: Hispanics do the jobs that Americans don't want to do.  If you are so concerned about them taking our jobs, realize they are only taking the shitty ones - the good ones have all been out sourced by your precious multi-national corporations.

Message to Fox and Friends: Gay people are not going anywhere.  They are productive members of our American society, and regardless of your religious beliefs, they deserve the same rights as other citizens.  They pay taxes and will be called to defend their country in times of war, just like any other American. One of my favorite statistics of late is the graph demonstrating that Red States Google "free gay porn" significantly more than blue states.... most notably Mississippi, per capita the far and away winner in the quest for "free gay porn".

Well, I could go on, but I've ranted long enough.  Time to go outside and trim the hedges.  I truly wish a happy fourth to all my readers.  I rant because I truly do love this country and hate to see it torn apart.  God bless America.


  1. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    You are 100% correct.

  2. I know it's probably meaningless to you, but you just lost a reader and subscriber. I come here to be entertained and see cool stuff from days gone by, and I open my browser to see Conservative bashing and politics on an entertainment blog. I know you won't miss one person, but I just had to say something.

  3. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    So Called Liberals ABANDONED patriotism with their unrelenting negativism during the 80's, you assholes are the text book definition of hypocritical crybabies

  4. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    political now. another reader lost bye bye

  5. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    You make me sick. Disagreeing with socialism is hate speech to you? A Liberal Democrat President just started a war without a vote in Congress! Unbridled Capitalism? We're in a quasi depression you fucking retard. You know what is really un-American. Using a blog to attack a political rival on a fucking national holiday. You take the cake. Now fuck off.

  6. Some people don't like to hear the truth.

    There has been a war on the middle class, the great society and the New Deal for decades now. The GOP and baggers won't be happy until the USA is a banana junta republic.

    You gotta burn the village to save it you know.

  7. ericblendersJuly 04, 2011

    You forgot Number 6 - Juvenile and senseless name calling because you watch too much Fox.

    Thanks for saying all this. It needs to be said, especially when there are a lot of morons not listening.

  8. Timely and well said. I applaud your courage for taking a position here. Ironically, some of the bashing you've received for doing so only underscores the points you're making.

  9. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    Sorry to see that you're going to be getting a lot of truly obnoxious responses to this article, but I do think that if you're honest, you have to admit that the degradation of political dicourse goes both ways. People on the left side of the aisle have certainly dealt their hand in viciously and unfairly smearing politicians and citizens who disagree with them. Whenever this seems to be ignored, the response is going to be angry.

    Personally, I have no problem with even-handed political criticism (and as a former hippie and present conservative, I thought that your previous article equating tea partiers with hippies was spot-on), but please, don't squander the good will many conservatives have for your work and your opinions for the sake of making the same sort of one-sided commentary that we hear every day from a hundred other sources.

  10. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    So outsourcing jobs is evil but importing so many illegals that no one know exactly how many are here is okay? If you had even a tiny bit of understanding of economics, you would understand that all your doing is depressing wages in those "shitty" jobs. And I never realized construction (just to pick one where illegals are present) was a shitty job. Not only do they keep wages artificially low but when they get hurt and go to the hospital, who do you think pays for their health care? We all do. So not only are you insulting your fellow Americans but you also ask them to subsidize those evil capitalist bosses even further. Be careful trimming the hedges, Im not sure you smart enough not to hurt yourself.

  11. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    Well, I totally Agree with the Article - Those So-Called Ultra-Conserative / Tea Farters / Re-PubliGoons are Arrogrant Cocky Rude Ignorant and only think of themselves its all about them and their ideas , and as far as that comment about Obama starting a war without Congresses approval, the Dipshit must have forgotton BUSH/Cheny Rumsfield - Rice also Started a War in another country with FALSE LIES and False Propaganda that had nothing to do with 911, and pulled troops out of Afganastan to invade IRAQ just as we were on the tail of OBL in tora bora, amazing how the idiot Republigoons forget about that or want others to forget about that ! Also why is it everytime those Arrogrant worthless Cocky Republi-goons are in office the Economy goes in the Tank ? just like under Regan, and its Always Always someone elses Fault but theirs, their never ever to Blame for anything , notice that , their so self righteous and perfect, don't forget about IRAN-CONTRA in the 1980's, right up there with all the Massive Fraud in the 80's & Greed which is what the 1980's Wall Street Movie was about, People like Rushlimbaugh, Transexual Ann Coulter, and Hannity & O'Reilley and Drunken Glen Beck, are the mouth piece for the Republi-goon party, that tells ya something , right there, thats the best they can do, and they seem to like it, figures ! The Democrats are no saints, but compared to the Nit wit Republi-goon Party and their Phony Tea-Party So-called Conseratives that Stink to high heaven, and think there only needs to be 2 classes, the Super Rich, for which they cling to their coat tails ( Koch Brothers), and the Poor,, the Republi-goon Conserative party does not believe in any middle Class, only Super Rich and poor, and we all know by now they definetly don't support American Workers, and hate any type of Workers Unions and anybody making a decent wage,,, unless its themselves , then its OK, just not anybody else , its all about them what they want and the hell with everybody else, and they'll tell all kinds of lies, and spin all kinds of Rhetoric to hopefully get the younger generation to fall into their sick trap and believe their nonsense B.S. ! The rest of us know better, unless your an outright ignorant cocky arrogrant Jughead, like so many Republi-goons are, and its shows, just watch the Spin channel - Faux News !!!

  12. It needed to be said. Everyone complaining that "omg this blog said something political" needs to realize that you have to break down the 4th wall to be heard sometimes. We're too anesthetized by the internet and entertainment and meanwhile the country we love is being destroyed by greed and zealots. They like us dumb and tuned out.

    Good move.

  13. Wow, right/left political arguments are the new abortion debate, or maybe it's always been this way. Americans couldn't be any further apart than they are now. Civility seems to be the victim of the new media (24 hr news cycles, internet, blogs, twitter). I think the internet is the greatest thing ever, but it has definitely helped create a further divide between Americans. Maybe it's good people are up front with their allegiances and political views, but it's far from civil debate.

    The author's and the commenters' tones are a good example of the breakdown in civil discourse. "I'm right and you're wrong." It's pointless. Maybe civility has never been there, but now it's just twice as annoying. I know which side I'm on, but don't feel the need to shout from a mountaintop that one side is more idiotic than the other. It's a no-win argument, both sides have their talking points and will never listen to the other side.

    I fall in one camp, and I think the other side's figureheads and followers are of a certain ilk, of whom I would never associate with, but I just try to avoid crossing paths with the other side unless necessary. It's like banging your head against a wall. Enjoy the 4th on your own terms. The other half doesn't have to like the country for the same reasons you do.

  14. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    I am very sorry that readers are abandoning you because of what you have written. I for one disagree with some of what you have said (it is very one-sided) but have spent my entire life fighting for you to have that right. With that, I think I have something to add. If we want to make America great (or even a little better) the first thing we have to do is stop (as citizens) allowing ourselves to be spun up by people with agendas. Whether it is Fox or MSNBC, whether it is Republicans or Democrats, we must marginalize hate and concentrate on what is important. If we decide that a referendum is necessary for anything (read healthcare, gay marriage, what have you), don't allow politicians to decide what is best for us; force it into referendums or better yet, by adding additional articles to the Constitution. History has shown us that our government is becoming more like a self-licking ice cream cone and less one that has the interest of all at heart. Start small (taxes for rich, tort reforms, better education for all) and then tackle, as a group of citizens and not divided teeth-gnashers, on what to do next.

    I would also encourage all your readers to seek out and hold politicians, whether from their district or not, accountable for childish behavior they have exhibited.

    I look forward to your next "back on track" posts and will continue to follow you on facebook!
    [email protected]

  15. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    It's extremely sad to watch the decay of one of our two major parties. The Republican party once stood for a platform of responsibility and conservatism. Now it's just a bunch of nihilist radicals who want to take a torch to anything they don't like. I basically consider the teabaggers to be the Yippies of the 21st century: idealogical clowns with not a hint of shame or need of consistency. The dangerous thing is that it is their ideas that drove the country into a ditch--and their solution for the problems they created is to do MORE of what they got us here.

    Anyway, these political posts are good. You'll offend some, but you'll end up with a stronger base of thoughtful and well informed readers.

  16. How sickening, to use the 4th of July for a spiteful rant. And how very, very liberal.

  17. I love it. I was going to delete those comments which tell me to fuck off and that I'm a retard.... but I think they are a great compliment to my post.

    Isn't one of the best things about this country free speech? How is it "sickening" to voice a political opinion on the fourth?

    My personal opinion as to why some folks would actually leave a blog because a post says something they disagree with: They wrap themselves in the flag, and when I remove that flag by calling them unpatriotic, they stand naked and exposed. The only thing they can say is "fuck you retard".

    I've published well over a thousand posts, and you can count on one hand the number of politically bent posts.... but I guess that is enough to plant fear in the hearts of those that might be confronted with a differing opinion. Best to stay away I guess.

    Oh, I must add that I really do appreciate the positive words of some of you - especially those with a different opinion than mine, but had the dignity and intelligence to be respectful.

  18. Thank you very much for posting this, today of all days. Civility has boarded a train that left the station years ago. I think your editorial here is absolutely civil, and is most American.

    This post gives me hope, however fleeting, that we may be able to return to common decency in discourse here.

    Bravo, sir. And happy Independence Day.

  19. I agree 100% with this article. The truth is hard to hear for some people. Conservatives wrap themselves in a cocoon of ignorance. It's safe there. To all the people who are unsubscribing because of this article...great, can you unsubscribe from the planet as well?

  20. What a disappointment. I really like your blog, but then you go and make some ugly statements and mischaracterizations about conservatives. I disagree with everything you said and here's why....

    1. Outsourcing sucks but it happens because of government greed. If taxes and bad regulation were cut we would have less outsourcing and yes, more tax revenue from goods made in the States.

    2. Love of government does not equal patriotism. The incremental crawl towards central authoritarian control has been gradual since the beginning of the nation. Thomas Jefferson summed it up best, "The government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have." It's not all government that is bad, it's all big government is bad.

    As to what political pundits say, where were you from 2001-2008 where all we heard was left wing hate speech? Michael Moore, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, George Soros, Ward Churchill, Al Franken, Cynthia McKinney, Jeremiah Wright, are all purveyors of "Hate Speech." So if your going to accuse one side you need to be consistent and look at the other.

    3. Senseless wars taking American lives? I'm sure you are referring to Iraq and Afghanistan, which congress overwhelmingly approved in a bi-partisan fashion. But for political expediency the left try to distance itself from and obfuscate their role in. How about illegal wars like Libya, does that count as senseless?

    4. Our president considers anyone who makes $250,000 or more to be rich. That puts a lot of independent businesses into his taxing bracket, and if you're a business that makes around $250 grand that doesn't leave a lot to spread out to your employees. Government can only confiscate wealth, it can't create it.

    5. Tolerance? Surely you're joking? How about death threats against Governors and state representatives who are trying to balance a state budget without doing it on the backs of working citizens? How about a sitting U.S. president blaming the Tea Party for the shooting rampage in Arizona and in the same breath calls for "civility" (Ironically the shooter's views were left of center).

    As a conservative living in a leftist city I've grown to know the tolerance of the extreme left. I've crossed paths with many liberals who assume I agree with them, and just start spewing hate towards my beliefs. In their defense they didn't know I was a conservative because I don't wear my politics on my sleeve so it's easier for them to try to marginalize and impugn my beliefs.

    You say you don't want to see the country torn apart but you undercut your own argument with your polemics and mischaracterizations. You can do what you want and say what you want with your blog, after all it's your right. But just because you have freedom of speech doesn't mean people have to listen to you. I'll still follow your blog, but it is a bit tainted for me personally.

  21. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    As a small c conservative all i have to say is that you lost a follower

    not cool

  22. Excellent post Gilligan! Incidentally, isn't it kind of ironic that these conservatives think spitting the dummy out and sulking is such a manly thing to do? The Duke must be rolling in his grave.

  23. People would leave a blog they've been enjoying for months or years just because they were obviously FORCED to read an entire post that they disagreed with? What are they; commies? Hippies. Go eat some dirt.

  24. Well said. I completely agree with your courageous words, Gilligan! The folks spitting venom above are further proof of how correct you are, Roger Ailes pats them on their little flat heads for believing his horseshit.

  25. I think some of these people who are unsubscribing missed your point. It's not that liberals are all right and conservatives are all wrong, it's that conservatives have morphed into something our grandparents would not recognize. Don't forget, the Republicans were once the leaders of civil rights when the Democrats were still catering to the "Solid South." George H.W. Bush's father was the first head of Planned Parenthood. To call what Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh stand for conservative is almost "1984-ish."

    Also, how can any group talk about freedom when they have no tolerance for other people's points of view and deny other's the privileges they enjoy (i.e, gay marriage). It's sad that our country has fallen to such schoolyard name calling and intolerance. God bless America, we sure need it!

  26. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    Hey, where are the mini-skirts?

    You make some good points; but I think we all need to step back and realize that Fox and MSNBC are commercial interests in the Entertainment business. Ever notice how an argument that starts as left v. right usually quickly turns to Fox v. MSNBC?

    What they say gets called "political discourse", and it can be read (secondarily) as that. But it's primarily showbizness, and getting people riled means you're entertaining them (and building a large but still niche audience) in our present world.

    Anyways, I won't be abandoning your blog. I don't want to miss the mini-skirts!

  27. I hear hate from both sides. Where were you when Bush was in office? I would say the Democrats speech was very hateful then.

  28. Its a shame you would taint such lovely images and things from yesteryear with your Political Ranting.

  29. Gilligan,
    I hated that 80s review you did a couple of days ago. Yet im still here. I think whoever is leaving needs to go and let the door hit them in the ass. Buh-bye and make sure the eyeholes are straight on your hoods when you ride off into the sunset, dummies.
    A virtual high five to you Gil and go roast some wienies now cause i think you burnt up all the wienies that were offended by your post.
    happy forth!

  30. I love how a lot of these nasty comments are hiding behind the shield of anonymous too. Chicken shits.

  31. Seriously conservative commentators? All this "You lost a follower today!" idiocy is exactly what makes me despise your movement. You constantly imply that conservatism is the more mature, the more intelligent, the most loyal, etc. Your actions here only imply the opposite. Any conflicting opinion is automatically tossed aside as inappropriate, and the media source is slated for boycott. Sorry, but your cause is never aided by acting like a child.

  32. XXXOOO (hugs & kisses) Gilligan, your post was awesome! And in spite of the crap you got from some commenters, the 4th of July is a VERY appropriate time to post it. Today isn't just a day to wave the flag and mindlessly chant "We're Number one!", it's our birthday - a good time to reflect on the vision of equality, justice, and democracy laid out in the Declaration of Independence... to look at the terrible, destructive direction we're heading and think about how we can change course (before it's too late).

    Oh, and Gilligan, a thought on the haters that left those ugly comments - are you aware that there are several conservative "think tanks" pay people per post to leave comments on blogs and message board that are filled with right-wing talking points and attacking anyone with a different point of view? Not necessarily saying that's the case with the people that claim they were offended by your "rant", but there ARE people out there making a living that way.

  33. After a few moments of reflection, I'm going to add something to be fair. I know that liberals can be crybaby's too. I'm not really trying to exclusively generalize conservatives that way. My real point is that anyone, ANYONE, who acts like a baby when confronted with an alternative opinion, is doing their side a disservice. One of the greatest problems we have as a nation, is the constant knee jerk emotional reaction we have to anything that that bugs us.

  34. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    Well said, Jason!

  35. Thank you, Gilligan! This needed to be said, and said HARD!!

    A Reader for Life.

  36. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    I suppose Your Grandfather had it so much better in, say, 1951? Was he drafted by Harry Truman to go fight in Korea? (38,000 Americans killed in two years, and the War was a tie.) How much nuclear-weapon testing took place in Your Grandfather's area? There was no internet, but if this were a radio station, Your Grandfather would be forced by law to air opposing viewpoints under the Fairness Doctrine (instituted by FDR and repealed by Reagan). Your Grandfather could not get a job in many places unless he joined a Union, which most likely spent his dues on lobbying Congress to block imports like Sony and Toyota. And school integration was still being blocked by Southern Democrats. Yes, grandpa, tell us about the old days.

    If you hate Fox News et al so much, watch something else. Problem solved.

    Have a safe and happy July 4th.

  37. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    Stay away from politics since all that does is annoy people

    What you said was half right and half wrong, which is typically the case since no side owns the truth and all sides tend to disregard inconvenient truths. Beck and Limbaugh, Franken and Obama all have a grasp on part of the truth

  38. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    I love this post.. Even if you spewed some bizarro far right propaganda, I wouldn't stop reading this blog. This is a great site!

    On another note, Ann Coulter is an evil succubus that needs to be sent back to hell.. if it exists. :)

  39. Ha ha ha

    I love it.
    You heartily approve of the anti-American sentiment bolstered by the media during the Bush years, probably was a staunch listener to "Air America," but NOW, now mind you, you find a problem with media outlets and their views.

    Only CERTAIN media outlets of course. Freedom of Speech has to be limited, right Gilligan?

    You never thought the "speech" propagated by other outlets for the first eight years of this century was in any way "anti-American." At least the American that you approve of, right Rachel, er I mean Chris, um, Morning Joe?
    you all sound alike.

    So, only one kind of America, right Gilligan?
    Only the type that spouts venom against your villains. All the other are not the right kind of American.

  40. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    Gilligan - thank you. It's always good for us non-Americans to be reminded that there ares still sensible folks living there.

    Happy Fourth of July to my America brothers and sisters. I really hope this experiment of your works, because if it doesn't its, gonna drag the rest of us down with you. :)

    Also, as a side note - do people know what a frickin' blog IS? This isn't a newspaper and Glligan is obligated to entertain anyone but himself here. Thankfully, the things that entertain him entertain a good number of us. All of the folks who have decided to leave here because Gilligan has a different point of view than you - wow, you should really read his article again.

  41. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011


  42. Ahem. Before I put up the next post, I thought I'd add a few words.

    1. All these threats to stop following this blog are pretty lame. I don't get paid to do this. It's not like you're cancelling a subscription. And BTW I am all total ONE follower less than I was before I posted this. Something tells me a lot of these haters never really followed Retrospace to begin with.

    2. I may be a lot of things, but naive is not one of them. I am fully aware that corruption and greed stretch across both sides of the aisle. Neither the republicans nor the democrats' hands are clean. We are approaching a plutocratic society, and both parties will share the blame.

    And I DO NOT just listen to one point of view. I've listened to Limbaugh since 1993; I've gone to lectures by William F. Buckley, and I've read books by Patrick Buchanan. I'm not like some of you who hear a differing opinion and start pissing your pants.

    3. My least favorite response to an argument is "they did it too!". It has no meaning. It simply tries to point the finger in another direction. If I complain that criticism of our president gets overboard, please don't reply that "libs did it too with Bush". Take responsibility or defend yourself with sound arguments.... just saying libs do it too is a weak thing to do. Gregor is right - The Duke must be spinning in his grave.

    4. Lastly, where did I say that criticizing your country is inherently wrong? It's good to put your government under scrutiny.... but life isn't black and white. There comes a point where, like with Limbaugh, EVERYTHING you say is negative, it starts to cross a line. If you do nothing but slam your school, its principle, its teachers, its school board.... one starts to question your "school spirit". Listen to Limbaugh and Beck with an unbiased ear and count how often they say something good versus something bad.

    Neal P I think gave a very succinct comment that sums this all up pretty well. "It's not that liberals are all right and conservatives are all wrong, it's that conservatives have morphed into something our grandparents would not recognize."

    And to the guy that's just wanting mini skirts (can't blame you brother), I've already stated that I've posted only a handful of posts like this, and over a thousand non political ones. So don't worry..... but I will add this to think about. IF our country and government is so, so, so terribly bad that we need Limbaugh and Beck bitching about it on a daily basis, I'll ask you to think about the fact that we CAN have a Mini Skirt Monday. And that I am appreciative of. My grandparents on one side came from hard times in Germany, the other immigrated here during Mussolini. Trust, me it can get a whole lot fucking worse. Let's all lighten up a little bit.

  43. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    Gilligan, you rock!

  44. Awesome post! You rock!

  45. Gilligan, this post rocks 100%, and those pathetic cons who dis you and threaten to walk away - buh-bye, losers! They're a shrinking, hateful minority, and history will look back on them with scorn.

  46. Love your Blog, could care less about your political views.

    Your POV has no affect on me reading your blog or not.

    But at my little pathetic blog I have decided to not bring up politics. I don't want to deal with ranting folks that can't seem to look past a guys politic views and just enjoy the blog. Brave of you I think.

    Really though you have a great blog. Keep it up, Amazing thing though...folks didn't have to read your Political views, they could have just ignored it and went on.


    BTW I'm not a conservative...and Point Number three was good I mostly agree with you there.

  47. I think both sides are at fault, and I think that is the reason some people don't vote. It's the "no matter whom you get, they will be bad" excuse. Beck is losing his show on Fox because even some conservatives were getting tired of his shtick. It was the same with the left for Keith Olbermann, who lost his MSNBC show and now has the Countdown show for Current, a network with fewer viewers.

  48. AnonymousJuly 05, 2011

    Both parties are pathetic and don't represent the American people. It's all just a game to them.

    Anybody who has chosen a side simply means that you've been conned. We need a 3rd party that truly and more accurately represents the middle 60% of us.

  49. AnonymousJuly 05, 2011

    You rock Gilligan!! The right seems to have a major problem with criticism.

  50. Wow. Nothing like a political post to incite the commentariat.

    Whether you agree with these views or not, the freedom to express them should be recognized and appreciated. And nothing is more appropriate on Independence Day than celebrating one of the freedoms given to us by those who fought for that independence.

    And if your best argument against anything that disagrees with your view is 'f*ck you, r*tard' then you aren't doing anything to help your case.

  51. Government has BECOME big business. Collusion and corruption are rife on both sides, only well hid behind a maze of bait-and-switch tactics. Ponder this: Why would somebody spent mega-millions to get a job that pays in the thousands?

  52. AnonymousJuly 05, 2011

    Hey I'm the pro-mini-skirt guy...but wait! I don't even like Limbaugh...I just think the arguments slip all too quickly from the good or bad of a political point, to a cheerleading position for Fox or MSNBC.

    Actually, I practice a healthy skepticism about all media "news" organizations, and a healthy mistrust of both established political parties. And I have no problem with your political posts at all. It's kind of funny that people visiting here, who presumably like the '60's and 70's, seem so...well...*intolerant*. Wasn't tolerance one of the main themes of those decades? Remember "I'm Okay, You're Okay"?

    Peace in '11, brother.

  53. AnonymousJuly 05, 2011

    Please explain the term "Tea Bagger". Make it clear and simple so that your younger readers can fully understand it. Don't be shy, be explicit.

  54. To the folks who were offended: This is Gilligan's space in which to express himself as he sees fit. He is not required to regurgitate or to pay lip service to whatever views or philosophies you hold and you are not entitled to exercise a heckler's veto over what he writes on his own blog.

    Even Gilligan's very act of writing about retro pop culture ephemera engages in committing social commentary, by holding up a mirror to the past and commenting about what it says about us as people and as a society. And, as with everything, there is a political dimension involved in that act, even if it's not the conventional ideological war between left-right or liberal-conservative or Republican-Democrat or whatever arbitrary categories into which we divide ourselves.

    In this post, Gilligan is holding up a mirror to comment upon the ugly face of modern conservatism. Viewing that reflection is not exactly pleasant, especially if it's one's own face being reflected back.

    The customary response in those circumstances is all too often for those reflected to puff themselves up in outrage, thump their chests in a belligerent display, and basically try to rhetorically "shoot the messenger" who relays unpleasant truths. However, by doing so, the indignant illustrate Gilligan's initial point much better than the original post.

    As Rod Serling would've put it, "an object lesson... from the Twilight Zone."

  55. AnonymousJuly 06, 2011

    If your conservative grandpa was like my conservative grandpa, he'd be mighty upset about the gains gays and blacks and womens and hispanics have made in the past thirty years.

    It's true that the left is guilty of badmouthing the government, sometimes in treasonous/childish ways. But the right has made a career out of it. You have people paying millions of dollars to get elected to institutions that they are promising to dismantle. The conservative elite are using a scorched earth, by any means necessary strategy to regain power, whether or not they take the country down in the process. The radical right has become mainstream, and conservatives have convinced their followers that any dissenting views cannot be tolerated. Middle-of-the road beliefs are blasted as leftist and liberal. The media is painted as hopelessly biased to the left, and the right wing media is largely led by cynics who are using tabloid journalism to make a buck. The groupthink and lack of critical thinking in the conservative movement is truly frightening. They are too busy maligning the left and congratulating themselves on how right they are to see that they are sometimes mistaken. It's scary, scary times.

  56. Well said, Gilligan, but I'm going to add one more point worth mentioning:

    6. Hypocrisy.
    It just kills me how conservatives fancy themselves "freedom fighters" now, despite an ideological history of opposition to equal rights, protests, and free speech.

    I also find it hilarious that these supposedly patriotic folks have no desire whatsoever to protect this country's amazing wilderness. Climate change is a conspiracy and nature's for the Commies, right fellas?

    And let's not forget their vehement opposition to public education and social programs. It makes one wonder why they bother waving the flag at all.

  57. AnonymousJuly 06, 2011

    Wow, I'm just impressed your Grandfather would stick to his old-school beliefs. My Grandfather eats up that Limbaugh paranoia-propaganda like Thanksgiving turkey.

  58. AnonymousJuly 07, 2011

    Loved your old gramps take on what is going down in this country. Couldn't agree with you and him both! These conservatives only see the ruling class and the poor, they don't have any interest in the welfare of anyone not in their club! They use every angle/ or issue they can to divert attention from their practice of becoming more powerful or rich. Thanks for this and all you post, a humble fan!

  59. Excellent commentary on today's conservatives! I'm down with Grandpa!

  60. Funny thing about how the teabaggers and right wingnuts are doing the whole "Liberals did it too!": How?

    Let's see:

    Liberals claimed, rightfully, that Bush's grandpa was a Nazi collaborator, who was busted for doing financial business with Nazi Germany.

    Neocons claim, falsely, that Obama IS a Nazi.

    Liberals claimed, rightfully again, that Bush's "redneck" demeanor was faked, that he was neither born nor raised in Texas, in fact he was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut.

    Neocons claim, falsely, that Obama's "civilized" demeanor is faked, and that he was born in Kenya, where he was actually born in Hawaii, which is an American state.

    The list goes on and on. Now can the teabaggers grow up and learn to go after REAL issues, or are they going to be cowardly like their color of choice, yellow?

  61. What's this? Trying to express an opinion instead of talking about the Bionic Women or odd 70's comics or a 1977 Sears catalog spread? What a strange idea. Just kidding, I love when you express your views. Not saying that I totally agree, but you express yourself honestly and try to give some reasons for your views. Personally I think the two party system is joke and neither are much different from one another in the end. I just love the crybaby readers who say they are not coming back because you expressed an opinion and didn't just fill their nostalgic needs.

  62. AnonymousJuly 10, 2011

    What's to love about Amerikkka? Or any other country for that matter. We don't get to choose how our country is run. Our countries do not evolve, they use the same antiquated rules they were founded upon. Look at the electoral college in the US.

    We are all imprisoned within the borders of our country. There's no frontiers left so where do we go exactly if we want to opt out? The only people who can are the super-rich who move their money to the Cayman Islands and live in nationless bliss without any corrupt leaders.

    America doesn't even exist. It is a series of lines on a map that are 235 years old. Not even very old by the standard of other nations. In terms of the American people, the people in the north-east have very little in common with the people in the south-west. In fact the former have more in common with Canadians than they do with other Americans.

    Nationalism is a mental illness just as religion is. You're truly believing in something which isn't there.

  63. Gilligan, If you had made the exact same post only criticized liberals in the same words it would have played out the same way. Both sides are guilty of the same thing and both sides tend to ignore it (or even approve?) when it's their side doing it.

  64. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    Funny, I don't think it was Conservatives who were spitting on returning soldiers from Viet Nam...
    I believe little obama's religious mentor said "God-damn America"...
    Of course, as with all Liberals, you choose to live in a fantasy world....

  65. AnonymousJuly 20, 2011

    Immigrants aren't just taking shitty jobs - American workers are being under-cut. Illegal immigrants have no right to be here; if I come from Europe the border checks are like a Nazi concentration camp and yet the scale of border issue is so huge (due to inaction), the immigrants walk across in their millions. The US population growth is sky-rocketing, you only have to look at the Latino population and you also only have to look at the predictions for future population growth. Most of the growth will come from immigration like already mentioned. You can't accomadate the world .. not everyone is the same as you. Your country's natural resources are being stripped and pillaged on an incredible scale. The costs of crime and welfare are incredible. I'm sick of white middle-class America taking the blame for this; if they were so bad they'd have ruined this country, but instead they set aside areas of natural wilderness..the last remaining one's one earth..for protection. Not our fault, not our problem if other countries are hell on earth. And if I have to apologise for being white? Forget it!

    p.s. I don't have any problem with this blog being political. Who is anyone else to tell you otherwise? You have free speach..they don't have to read it if they don't want to. But they have no right to deny you that speach.