Needlework A-Go Go #20: The 1960's Needlecraft Scene

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Is knitting making a comeback? I sure see a lot of trendy looking yarn places popping up in the "cool" parts of towns - sometimes right between a coffee shop and a "medical" marijuana store.  Chalk it up to just being another fad.... or, maybe it's a bit deeper than that.  In a generation where nothing is handmade and everything is disposable, it probably seems kinda wonderful to actually create something yourself and have it for keeps.  Just a thought.  Enjoy "Pop Fashions", a needle craft pamphlet from the sixties.

Y'all come back now. Y'hear?


  1. Oh! A poncho! My sister had one that was blue and it had a cap to go with it.

  2. Nothing says "high fashion" like a granny square.

  3. Knitted clothes went nowhere except to Etsy. I was born in 1968 and shop on Etsy for handmade Neo Vintage all the time. One seller I buy from, who's a friend, makes and sells crocheted and knitted Neo Vintage clothes just like this. It didn't "go" anywhere. You can have a poncho like that now. Just take out your Visa card. :)