Obscure Grooves #17: Disco Explosion!

I love disco, but even I have a threshold of how much I can take in one sitting.  Don't get me wrong, I could listen to ABBA and The Bee-Gees all day and not get tired of it.  However, the vast majority of disco was highly unoriginal and all the songs seem to just blend together after a while.  I suppose "you had to be there".  I can see how this might be fine at an actual discotheque (more than likely hopped up on cocaine); but it sure gets monotonous just listening to.

That's why I decided to throw together pieces of a bunch of disco songs into one track. Rather than have you suffer through listen to songs in their entirety (it was not uncommon for disco songs to be over ten minutes long), I've melded them all together into one heavenly hash of 70s disco dynamite.

Given that this is an Obscure Grooves post, you won't see any Saturday Night Fever hits here - only the lesser known disco gems.  In this 15+ minute track you'll hear all of the following...

Bill Summers & Summers Heat - "Straight to the Bank"
Bob-A-Rela - "Spend the Night"
Dynasty - "I Don't Wanna Be a Freak"
Gary's Gang - "Do It at the Disco"
Hydro & Loma - "K.I.C. (Keep It Coming)"
Direct Current - "Boogie Man"
Richard T. Bear - "Sunshine Hotel"
Joe Capaldi - "Shoe Shine"
Space - "Save Your Love for Me"
Sesame Disco - "Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco"
Pamala Stanley - "This Is Hot"
Ronnie Milsap - "Get It Up"
Linda Clifford - "Repossessed"
D.C. LaRue - "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"
Pat Hodges - "Fly By Night"



  1. My Disco Years were actually 1981-82. I had been a dedicated "disco sucks" advocate in the late seventies but I found myself dating a girl who liked to go out dancing so... Oddly enough, contextually I found myself greatly enjoying The Gap Band, Kool and the Gang and other groups I previously would have hated! Now, even though, i still don't like disco, at least it's nostalgic to me! Weird.

  2. I was in a basement band (garage bands are seasonal in Iowa) during my high school disco years, so naturally the "disco sucks" creed was part of our everyday lifestyle. Although I was a fan of KC & the Sunshine Band's 1975 album. But these days I dig the nostalgia of it (especially cheesy shit, like disco versions of sci-fi movie themes (hello, Close Encounters of the Third Kind on the "Disco Drums" album)) and even get into some of the better stuff where the musicians are seriously grooving.

  3. In the mid-70s, any kind of funky dance music was labeled disco. However, by the late 70s, a formula was established (i.e., steady, monotonous back beat, insipid violins) and everyone started cranking out identically sounding drivel just to cash in. When Arthur Fiedler and Ethel Merman started putting out disco albums, no amount of cocaine and free sex could keep the party going.

  4. Ronnie Milsap disco! Where will it all end?

  5. I do remember saying to a cousin who, is 5 years younger than me, that I felt so sorry for him to have to go through high school with disco and disco fashions. It was all so manufactured. It's still like fingernails on a blackboard.

    And the Gap Band...lived in my apartment building with one guy living right across the hall. What used to go on outside my door at 3 am was definitely not disco.

  6. Thank you so much for this! My hubs hates when you post a new playlist, but I LOVE it! ("Debbie's last Xmas" is a holiday must in our house.)

  7. excellent obscure list!