Sex Sells #26: Big D Nuts

Those of you in the UK will no doubt remember the Big D Nuts girl.  When I first saw it, I was a bit shocked at the level of sexuality present in advertising for nuts of all things... but then I realized these nuts were primarily located in pubs.  Then it all made sense.

The "D" in Big D actually stands for "Dallas", the place where the peanuts actually come from. During the 1970s, some genius (and I don't use that term patronizingly, I mean a true genius) decided to put a hot chick on the package.  Evidently it was a success because this marketing strategy lasted all the way into the mid 80s.

Even better, the Big D chick not only wound up on the package, but also on the patented "babe board".  The babe board was a display of the Big D girl obscured by packages of peanuts.  As people purchased the packs, the picture would become more and more revealed.  Ingenious. It never featured nudity, but did push the envelope about as far as it could go.

Who was this Big D girl? Beverley Pilkington is her name, affectionately called "Big D Bev" in Britain. She graced the Big D packages, babe boards, calendars and trading cards for nearly a decade.  Her generous assets also popped up from time to time on "Page 3" and "Top of the Pops" album covers.  I'm not sure what became of her, but when she left, so did the idea of a sexy Big D spokeswoman.  It wasn't until recently that Big D again employed the tried and true "sex sells" strategy with another buxom model.  Their sales promptly increased over thirty percent. Big shocker.

Big D merch is all over the internets.  You could go find it yourself, or let me find it for you.  I've put together a little gallery below. Enjoy.

These next three are examples of the infamous "babe boards"

The next 5 are from a Big D calender



  1. Oh good grief. This takes me back. I remember supping many a pint in some dingy northern uk pub whilst munching on a pack of peanuts bought from the Big D babe.

    That one featuring Alex Higgins, the snooker player, is one I particularly recall from the 70's. Great post.

  2. Been following retrospace for a couple of years or so now, so thanks for raising awareness of my pet internet project!!

  3. AnonymousJuly 31, 2011

    Who is the Arsenal footballer with the Big D Nuts girl?

  4. I think I want some Big D!

  5. Think the footballer is Alan Hudson. Maybe.

  6. I can confirm that it is Alan Hudson.

  7. AnonymousJuly 13, 2014

    I knew Beverley when we were about 19 or 20 in Southend before she started modelling . Always a nice girl , nice to be with and a truly lovely girl who always had time for everyone . I knew her family , they were a nice crowd .

  8. We have the original beverly big d calenders, are they worth anything