Magazines #24: Humor Magazine Sharity

Time for more thankless acts of kindness sharity.  I've put everything in pdf format this time because some folks had issues with cbr files. Each selection includes a couple sample pages so you'll know what you're getting.  Click the thumbnails to view them full size.

I don't claim that these are the greatest humor magazines ever published, but they definitely make for interesting reads.  Panic and Grin are more or less MAD rip offs, with maybe a bit of National Lampoon's political irreverence mixed in.  The Jayne Mansfield magazine was a one time issue - obviously tongue in cheek.  And lastly, Gee Wiz! - a hundred pages of grown up humor.  Tons of dirty cartoons and jokes, the type you'd find in Playboy, plus a few pin-ups for good measure.

Panic Magazine July 1958

Jayne Mansfield for President 1964

Grin April 1973

Gee Whiz! May 1959
Warning: contains adult content


  1. Heh, fun stuff. Gee Whiz will no doubt be my favorite. Cartoons in Playboy always had a certain charm.

  2. I see someone other than my brother spent their time drawing beards and hair on people in comic books and Mad-type magazines. Grin's Deliverancid has some added by somebody, complete with bleed-through.

  3. Thank you for making them PDFs. I love the Jayne Mansfield one.

  4. Thanks for offering as pdf.

    Could you post the photo to the retrospace Zeta blog w/o the graphics added? It would work great on a 70's mixtape....

  5. Thank you.
    These look interesting.