Catalogs #12: Women's Sears Fashion '72

My memory is hazy regarding the good ol' Sears catalog; but I seem to recall there being a little room in the back of all the Sears stores specifically devoted to the glorious catalog.  Maybe it's just my ever decaying memory, but I also remember my parents actually paying for it.... I was surprised that you actually had to pay for a catalog.

For you young'uns, think of the Sears catalog as an early form of online shopping.  We lapped up the fact that you could order stuff from a bean bag chair in the comfort of your own home.  Picking shit out for Christmas wish lists was always fun; although, the toy pages were scant compared to what's out there today for kids.  And, of course, the lingerie and bra section wasn't too shabby either (still isn't, for that matter).

I wish I could bring you the whole shebang, but that would be so tedious that it'll have to wait until they start paying me to do this (i.e. never). Instead, I've got the women's fashion pages. And for those who don't know, Simpsons Sears was basically Sears Canada (a combination of Sears and the Canadian department store, Simpsons).    Enjoy.

Simpsons-Sears Fall-Winter 1972


  1. This site


    has complete scans of a lot of old Sears, JCP and Wards catalogs. Have fun!

  2. 1972; a good year for purple. Girls, some of those fashions need to come back. Believe it or not, they look so much more flattering than some of the over-accessorized, over-beaded slutwear that's out there today. Today's extreme low-rider pants do NOT flatter your hips. Only wear them if you can NOT pinch an inch.

  3. '72 was the year for purple, no doubt. I was more a JC Penney's catalog fan myself and my fave was the christmas issue because of its extensive toy section. The lingerie section was also a favorite, of course.
    Thanks to Regularjoe for the link to the catalog scan website - great stuff!

  4. My dad worked for Sears for 35 years. I have fond memories of that catalog, to the point that I wrote this column for a magazine I used to edit:


  5. I always hated the color purple.

  6. I'm totally digging the outfits pictured.

  7. @Armpit Studios, well, not speaking as some kind of fashion trend watcher but as someone who sees what they hawk in magazines and on tv, I'd say some of seventies trends are making a comeback of sorts but I think its more like the designers throwing everything to the wall and seeing if it sticks like cooked spaghetti. Like the collared shirt with the sweater-vest over it, I bought something like that last fall.
    Better that than trying to make grunge happen again. Urgh.