Catalogs #11: Swimsuit Catalog Pages (and How You'd Like to See Them)

Bring on the bikinis indeed.  Here's about fifty scans from catalogs - all swimsuit pages.  You guys owe me big time.

I don't ask anything in return, I do it out of the goodness of my heart (of course, if you want to toss a few greebacks into the tip jar on the right, I won't complain).  However, I would ask you to do me one quick favor: let me know the best way to view gallery images on Retrospace.

I'm just asking a minute of your time to give me your opinion on the way image galleries should be set up on Retrospace.  I ask this because I get a variety of messages from readers on how they like to get their images on the site, and I aim to please.  Retrospace, as you know, is highly image oriented.  I often post large galleries of pictures for your viewing pleasure. There's just 3 viable options I know of to choose from:

{1} Small thumbnails which you can click to view full sized. I like this option perhaps the best; however, it can be annoying to squint to see which ones to click on... and it's an eyeful to see so many at once.

{2} A whole gallery of big ass pictures. Never mind the fact that the page may take a while to load.  The body of Retrospace (the area between the sidebars) is approximately 500 pixels wide, so that would be wide enough to see clearer than the thumbnail, but you'd still have to click to view full sized.

{3} An embedded viewing tool like the one below.  I use Flickr for most of my images, so I could use their photo browsing tool.  I've used it before.... to mixed reviews.

Or, {4} an idea that you may know of  - I'm open to suggestions.  I've been puttin' images up for three years now and haven't really found anything to click my heels about  -and to further complicate things,  nowadays a lot of folks read Retrospace on their mobile device, so that has to be kept in mind.

Your opinion matters.  I give you bikinis, you give me your two cents. Sounds like a good deal to me.


  1. I prefer #2 as I occasionally will share one of your posts on one or more social networks and it provides the best way to include a teaser image that might possibly attract attention from others.

  2. #1 or #2, though I favor #1, as you can get more images in at a time. Embedded tools sometimes cause more problems, unless it /really/ makes life easier for you....

  3. Go #2 or go home. #1 is a contributor to carpal tunnel syndrome with all that pointless clicking and causes eyestrain by inducing squint lines which may lead to crows' feet and other facial wrinkling. #3 is very likely not to show up properly on mobile devices, or in RSS feeds, or in any of a thousand other ways people get their recommended daily allotment of 'net stuff, plus the displayed slideshow is still too small and requires too many clicks to navigate.

  4. It should be a mix-up of options 1 & 2; an assortment of thumbnails with a couple of your favorite images in fuller size :)

    Interestingly, these bikini pics aren't doing as much for me as the miniskirts... EXCEPT FOR THAT AFRICAN BEE IN THE HONEY ONE PIECE!! Now see, that should've been one of your big pics... :)

  5. Sounds like thumbs down to any embedded tools. Still a mixed bag on whether to go big or not. The verdict is still out.

  6. @ApacheDug- Nothing tops the mini. Nothing. It's clothing perfection.... a gift from our maker. Amen.

  7. #2 is preferable, I really don't like #3 at all. I get an RSS feed from your Flickr so I see all the pics before hand anyway. But they are all very small unless I click on them.

  8. AnonymousJuly 06, 2011

    #3 isn't rendering for me.

  9. No Flash-based album viewer thingies please. They all suck and make it hard to snag images. Thumbnails make for faster load times, but you're right; squinting and all that clicking gets old fast. Bigger images make for easier perusing, and fullsizes are just a click away for those that really catch your eye.

    Personally, I tend to open links/images in a new window. I have my mouse's scrollwheel button set to do a command-option-click in Safari. It saves a lot of reload time that would happen if I did plain clicks and had to go back all the time. So for me, I like it when people take the time to add target="_blank" to their anchors so plain clicks give you a new window.

  10. AnonymousJuly 07, 2011

    Larger images = my choice. I'd also say that's easiest on the user too.

    That Flash album viewer thing is horrid; as are most View apps.

    You should not consider UI for mobile users...that would really wreck the place.

  11. I prefer option #1, but 2 is ok. I don't like 3.

  12. How about a jquery slider or a lightbox gallery?

  13. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011

    1 or 2, with 2 ("big ass pictures") preferred.

    #3 is blank for me in your above sample.

    Thanks for asking!

  14. nanette rJuly 18, 2011

    1 or 2 but please not 3 :)