Magazines #26: True Crime Rags (Part 2)

Yes, I know. I've already done a detective mag cover gallery.  Well, looking back at it, I've decided I didn't do the topic justice.  Perhaps I said all there is to say about the subject, but the selection of covers I provided is woefully slim.  This post will, hopefully, amend that deficiency.

I would argue that, of all the possible vintage topics, detective magazines are the most derided.  They were nothing more than lurid depictions of man at his worst. Unlike even the most violent horror comics, the detective mag has no avid collectors. The detective mag has no kitsch value, no nostalgic charm, no historical importance.  Even vintage porn has its share of enthusiasts - no so the detective mag.

Indeed, these magazines are not only unliked and unwanted, but they also imply the poor unfortunate reader is something akin to a serial rapist (Dietz, P., Harry, B., & Hazelwood, R. (1986). Detective Magazines: Pornography for the sexual sadist? Journal of Forensic Science, 31, 197-211).  I wouldn't necessarily argue with any of these assumptions; however, I can't help but be drawn to these red headed stepchildren of the vintage world.  Because they are so reviled, I am all the more interested.

So, let's have a look at a heaping helping of these misogynistic magazines.... and maybe, just maybe, show a little love for a much maligned vintage artifact.

More covers coming up - loading a ton of images on your mobile devise (or whatever you're using to view this post) can sometimes take forever. So, if you want to see more, check out the next post...


  1. Some of these like TRUE DETECTIVE and INSIDE DETECTIVE were relatively classy but boring. I preferred it when my dad opted for the sleazier ones from time to time with their much more risque ads and articles. Much fun at 12!

  2. I remember seeing these things at the Git'n'Go as a kid, but I always assumed the inside didn't match the cover.

  3. GLANDA?? Who names their kid "Glanda"?

    Small wonder she's on the cover of a murder magazine...

  4. I think I find these to be more explotive than straight out porn mags.

  5. I was always disappointed at the lack of cleverness to these covers - I would have preferred titles like: Necrophiliac confesses to cops: "If I show you where the body is, would you hold it against me?"
    or my favorite:
    "Headless body found in Topless bar!"
    None of these mags were even worth opening. Not really pornography, more like "Scorn-ography"

  6. The funny thing about these "shocking" magazines and the old enquirers etc. was the only people I ever saw reading them were women.Grandmas and aunts just loved them.They were not offended by them at all,they bought em,they devoured em,then threw em out.Although aimed at men,I never saw a man buy one.
    Even today,most men will look at anything with nudity but women love the grisly crime shows.What's the appeal?

  7. nice idea, thanks for sharing...