Fun with a Random Word Generator

I was sifting through some old trashy paperbacks and came across one title after another that seemed so odd and thrown together. I pictured the publishers having a cardboard box full of words written on bits of paper from which they would blindly grab and piece together to form the text on the cover.

"Look," one would exclaim. "I've got 'flesh' and 'orchid'.... how about 'The Flesh of the Orchid'?"

In addition to the titles, the blurbs also seem like vocabulary hash.  It got me thinking that maybe I could use a random word and phrase generator and come up with titles and blurbs of my own.  Check out the book at the top of this post: the title and blurb are 100 percent random! I used a random number generator to pick the book cover from my Flickr set.... and this is what I got. Fun!

This next one was originally called 'The Horse Is Dead'. Booooring. I think the random word generator is an improvement, don't you?  Sounds like an instant hipster classic.

The next book originally read "If you're a VERY special agent, you always give a little extra service to your victims... Seduce and Destroy".  Ugh. How lame.

I would by a freaking book called "The Carbon Rots Around a Miracle".  The title is intriguing - I want to open it and see what it's about.  Unfortunately, the random word generator could only give me "sack volunteers" as the blurb.  So, I improvised.

The next 'Passion and Death Lay in Wait for...The Sin Conspirators'.  The random 'Shock Worship' sounds better to me.... and "the wrath particle" sounds f*****g awesome.  I want to write a book just so I can call it "The Wrath Particle".


  1. How freakin' awesome! These would also be great names for bands/albums.

  2. I came up with "Repulsive Fate". I bookmarked the page, so if I ever feel inspired (or possessed by demons) and want to write a book, I'll have a title.

  3. I think you could get a trilogy out of "The Wrath Particle". It would be about subatomic physicists who push things at the Large Hadron Collector just a bit too far...

    ...unleashing The Wrath Particle!!!

  4. I think I have just found a new way to waste too much of my time.

  5. Great concept! I'm waiting for the next installment. Since many of the original titles have a random quality to begin with, there is a fifty/fifty chance of coming up with an improvement on each roll of the dice.