Mini Skirt Monday #82: French Maids

When talking about miniskirts, at some point you have to mention the iconic French Maid outfit.  Not only does it have the allure of the transcendental mini; but, it also has the connotation of "service" (i.e. the man is in control of this brand of mini).  Sure, it's a misogynistic thought, but it's also timeless. For instance, what was "I Dream of Jeannie" but a manifestation of this exact fantasy - a beautiful scantily clad woman at your beck and call.

Anyway, enough with the armchair psychology.  These are just articles of clothing we're talking about - not exactly weighty issues.  So, bring on the maids!




  1. Great and sordid... er assorted... collection of images.

  2. Is it just me, or does the model in the first picture look like Mary Tyler Moore?!?

  3. That's her for sure, that great face and those dancer's legs. MMM. Or should I say, MTM.

  4. AH the "French" maid.

    I have been one three times in my young life. Never again.

    Unlike the "Bunny" suit, that "empowers" you, this is just a welcome invitation to every low life at the party. ANd it does not help to get mad in one of these things. Nobody takes you seriously.