Mini Skirt Monday #83: Hijacked in the 80s

What's your first thought when you see this picture? It's a simple piano lesson, but odds are you're thinking something along the lines of "Why is this whore getting a piano lesson?" or "Is this the beginning of a porno?"  Somewhere in the eighties, miniskirts became associated with loose women, and it's never quite rebounded.

When they first came on the scene in the 1960's, they were a symbol of freedom, of feminine liberation.  Sure it was sexy, but didn't mean trashy - it was a statement of youth and an end to false modesty.  It went out of favor by the middle of the decade, not because of negative connotations, but rather because of the natural capriciousness of fashion.  It merely evolved into the hotpants, an equally suggestive garment.

Not so in the 1980's.  The early eighties saw a rebirth of the mini.... but it was hijacked.  Somewhere along the way, the miniskirt became the uniform for hookers and tramps. Whether this was a media creation (if you wanted to depict a prostitute in a movie, you had her in a mini) or a result of the new conservatism of the Boomers is anybody's guess.  Whatever the case, the mini got a bad rap.

I think we're getting past that sad infantile mental association (miniskirt = slut) that leans rather scarily towards a fundamentalist mindset (thou shalt not expose thine legs; the legs are the devil's temptress; etc.). Hopefully, I'm not being overly optimistic.

That being said, the "trashy period" is still an important moment in Miniskirt History.  So, without any further justification, here's a few minis from when they were "trashy".  Enjoy.


  1. Minis made a comeback in the early eighties, but they were much more modest than those of a decade before. The hems of most minis marketed to the teen crowd were just high enough to expose the kneecaps.

    Nevertheless, the older generation had quite a reaction to them. I was a high school freshman in '81, and the school handbook said "skirts shall be no shorter than mid-thigh." No big deal, since skirts that short had been out of fashion for a long time. Then in spring of '82 the new minis came out and the teachers and administrators freaked. They sent girls home for having exposed kneecaps and rushed to change the official dress code.

    It wasn't lost on us that Boomers, who in their youth wore skirts that nearly bared their butt cheeks, were making us kneel so they could be sure our hems touched the floor.

  2. Did you see this ? :

    Woman claims employer subjected her to ‘Mini-skirt Monday’


  3. I prefer seeing skirts and dresses that aren't supershort. A nice tease instead of a blatant display of leg, especially if the legs aren't that great. It's funny, but a lot of the young women who wear such short dresses often have very unattractive hairstyles (frizzy), ugly shoes, and no hose.

  4. I think some of it had to do with the rise of the leather mini-skirt.

    I was in high school from 1980-1984. I recall girls being sent home who wore such thing to school.

  5. I'm not really seeing the 'trashy' here as opposed to many other mini-skirt Mondays. I'll agree that some of these girls look a bit slutty but I think that's at least as much a function of the tops they are wearing (and perhaps the hair) as to the shortness of the skirts.

  6. There are often two tips to the "Trashy Mini" photo:

    1) Big hair (often ratted out)
    2) High heel shoes

  7. I think a lot of it had to do with music videos. Hot girls in short skirt, and high heels dancing around-usually wearing a bra-like top and bright red lipstick. The videos were supposed to make people think of sex.

    And I agree with you on movies. Even if she wasn't a prostitute, the hot 'easy' girl in school wore tight minis. The girl who got passed over or wasn't noticed had on pleated khaki shorts that came to her knees or a long skirt with Keds.

  8. I used to wear mini skirts back in the 80s when I was a teenager, but they were more tame and more cute and flirty...not slutty at all. Seems like the big hair, heavy makeup and F**K ME heels give it that slutty appearance.

    By the way, that guy in the first picture had me cracking up...you just know he doesn't have her piano playing on his mind...just follow his eyes!

  9. I miss those miniskirt and pantyhose days. Call it whatever you want, it was sexy, and the only ones complaining about it were the unsexy. Until we get on a collective weight loss program, the mini will stay a relic of history.

  10. This was college time for me. I must say you saw a girl at a bar in a leather mini and some skanky heels, you knew you (or someone else) were getting lucky!

  11. Nothing wrong being classy, sexy and powerful. i loved the short skirts, classic stiletto pumps and tan nylons. One hell of a statement and loved looking at the gal wearing them from close or far.

  12. Actually, prostitutes in short skirts go all the way back to Imperial Rome.


  13. I love mini skirts...always..I was in High School from the fall of '67 till '71.. It was a wonderland..mostly just panties and pantyhose but you would still see some garters and stockings and even various styles of girdles..(loved the open bottom ones)..even my modest wife wore them... to this day she swears she had no idea that guys where looking so much and that they could see so much..(she was raised strict Cath)..I promised her any guy near the stairways as she went up...or turned around and looked at her in class.. or held a car door for her had seen her panties... she is a few years older than I am and wore garters and girdles for a while before pantyhose dominated the marked..