Retrospace Big Book #2: Movie Posters

If you're like me, you sometimes like to curl up with your Nook or tablet and just look at some pictures.  That's sort of my idea behind making some of these "books".  I'll actually be reading this one tonight: a collection of over 300 vintage movie posters. I'm looking forward to it, and I hope you get some enjoyment from it as well.


Note: Longtime readers of Retrospace know that I never watermark an image. I've spent countless hours over the years scanning hundreds and hundreds of images, and never stuck a watermark on anything - the reasons for that, I'll cover maybe in another post.  However, I did not scan these posters myself, and each came to me with an annoying watermark in the corner.  Rather than going through the trouble of getting rid of them (which would take forever, and I'd probably give myself a stroke cursing like a sailor), I stuck a Retrospace watermark over them.  I just wanted to let you know this so you wouldn't think I'd suddenly decided to act like a dick and stick my stupid watermark on everything.  The only time I can see the validity in sticking a watermark on an image is if you created it yourself or you purchased the rights to an image.  Otherwise, quick sticking your annoying shitty watermarks on images you didn't buy or make yourself!

(whew) There. I said it.


  1. It really bugs you that much? I took the time to scan/photograph. I just do it to send people back to my blog, or when I run across the image somewhere else, I can say "Hey, glad you liked the image, can I get a link?"

    Perhaps not a big deal to guy that gets 3000 hits a day. Perhaps the number of hits isn't a big deal, if it's really just the unclean image you want, I can see that too, but you had a post complaining about people taking your images and not giving credit. A mark assures you get credit.

    I do say in the About Me section that if anyone wants an unmarked image they can let me know. I actually do go back and forth on whether or not to do it, but I generally do.

  2. Many of the Science Fiction/Horror movies featured were prime targets on Mystery Science Theater episodes. It is sometimes easy to forget they were released as motion pictures in movie houses or drive-ins long ago.

  3. Yes, it's really started to bug me. You may have scanned it, but it's not yours. You didn't create it, you didn't pay for it, you did nothing but take ten seconds to scan it. You should therefore not stick your name on it.

    Now, you offer an unwatermarked image - that's fine. I certainly understand the frustration in seeing your scans being used with no credit given. I have a problem with both watermarking and stealing scans with no credit given - these are not mutually exclusive. Both are wrong.

    But, ultimately, the greater wrong is the watermarking. This seems to be the most dishonest. You are making someone else's creation/property and claiming it as your own property; whereas, not giving credit is just inconsiderate and thoughtless.

  4. I have to side with Gilligan on this issue. Scanning the image doesn't give you any special 'rights' to it. You don't own the original. The only way this is right is if you DO own it, or you are the creator of it. Just scanning it doesn't cut it.

  5. I often use posters (the older the better) as folder art for movies that I have on my hard drive. I usually find good posters at Impawards. Watermarking to me is silly, like the poster above said, you scanned it, fine. Odds are 99.9% you didn't make the original.

    Many thanks for the awesome share!

  6. OK, but I doubt I'll go back and undo all those posts I've already done!

    What about family photos? I've got some ready to post, they are my family, should I mark them in case they go around? A few of them probably will, they're so good/outrageous.

  7. I too am with Gilligan, because that's the only logical answer about why a watermark exists. I follow an old ad tumblr, and it pisses me off to no end that he sticks an obnoxious watermark over every ad, and not a true watermark either, which still lets you see the original image, but one that blocks out important parts of the image. I've asked him to knock it off because it's wrong and covers up parts of the history he's trying to preserve, but he seems to like seeing his name on every corner of the internet.

  8. I,m sorry, why the image on each poster Gilligan?

    It ruins them.....

    deleted PDF in 3..2..1..