Catalogs #13: That 60s Style

I'll always have a special place in my heart for 1970s fashion; however, I've got to give 60s fashion its props. More than any decade, 60s fashion broke with convention.  Drab colors and traditional styles quickly morphed into colors and novel concepts: namely the bikini and mod designs like the miniskirt.

But, this isn't a post on the history of sixties fashion; just a long overdue shout out to that Sixties Style.  Here's a couple more scans from the Spiegel catalog...


  1. Sixties fashion was so cool and classy. It's a shame the psychedelic hippy stuff took hold and totally warped the Seventies. I was so happy when the 80s came along and I could trade in my crazy print shirts with butterfly collars for a white shirt with a tab collar and a stringbean tie.

  2. Paula G from IndianaAugust 18, 2011

    Hey I had a nehru jacket for my winter coat in 1969. And I had a suit with a nehru jacket too.

  3. The Hippie host was vanquished in the Battle of The Tie- Dyed Shirt in 2117.
    Oh, that hasn't happened yet.
    Skip it.