Vintage Reads #29: Mystery and Crime Cover Art

I could literally have a blog entirely devoted to these covers and not grow tired of it.  However, I could also have a blog entirely devoted to vintage needlework or album covers or mini skirts or magazine scans or..... er, you get the point. I can't have twenty different blogs - I've got to reign in my passion (some call it an obsessive compulsive disorder, but I like "passion" better).

Anyway, here's but the tip of the iceberg of great crime/mystery novel cover art.... complete with snarky comments of course. Enjoy.

"A gift in his hand, murder in his heart", and Easy Mac in his lower intestine.... now he wanted to touch her knocker.

Let me get this straight - Al saw a dead woman in a bathtub, and now he's gay? Wow. I've heard you can be scared straight, but never scared gay. Fascinating.

"Original title: The Beauty Queen Killer" and The Joy of Necrophilia

Yet another example of the A Frame.  Will we ever reach the end of these?

Perhaps, if the witness would wear a beret or headband, she wouldn't be a "one-eyed" witness.  And it's not like it makes any difference whether you saw a crime with one or both eyes - you still see it.  Her depth perception was probably a bit off.  For the love of God, pull your hair back next time you're the only witness to a murder! Sheesh.

Um. Yeah. I'm a little low on cash right now.  Will a coupon to TGI Fridays work?


  1. Great covers. It's a reminder that people may have been more discreet back then, but they were just as kinky and/or disturbed as we are today.

    "Make Me An Offer" is the best cover here. So sexy and suggestive.

  2. My nomination: The Big Rape:

  3. Thank goodness for Hard Case Crime books bringing back awesome art covers.

  4. I honestly wish more covers were like this today. The covers we have now are boring as hell in most cases. Afraid to offend or unnerve. (Two things I'm not afraid to do as those who have read my work understand fully.)

  5. I LOVE these covers! soooo misogynistic...