Beatles Covers #12

I thought we'd go multicultural this go around.  Here's a selection from a variety of countries including Singapore, Spain, Denmark, Germany, England, and the US. Click the link at the bottom of this post if you'd like to download them (plus a few bonus tracks). Enjoy.

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Los Sirex - Please Please Me

Tornadoes - Gib Mir Liebe [Money]

Surpremes - You Can't Do That

Heather & Thunderbirds - I call your name

Zhang Xiao Yun - I saw her standing there

Lennon Sisters - I Want To Hold Your Hand

Eyes - Good Day Sunshine/ Marianne Faithful - I'm a Loser

Les Intrigantes - Hello Goodbye

Shaggs - The night before

Zhang Xiao Yun & Lin De Chuan - I should have known better


Important Note:  If these flash players don't work for you, LET ME KNOW!  I can't get the f*****g files to play - only download.  I am so sick of dealing with shitty players for blogs I could barf.


  1. "link at the bottom of this post" = ??

  2. Anybody remember the "Tokyo Happy Coats"?
    My dad had their album and they had a Beatles cover as well. SO long ago I don't remember which one.

    These are great. I particularly like Zhang Xiao Yun doing "I saw her standing there." It is almost more conservative than the Lennon Sisters.

    Thank you.