Magazines #28: Dynamite Sharity

see download link below
Remember when those Scholastic book orders would come in? The teacher would pass the loot out to those who ordered stuff, while the poor kids awkwardly looked on. You were either  wetting yourself with orgasmic joy over this motherload of cool stuff..... or you sat there empty handed wondering why your parents didn't love you enough to buy you a Dynamite magazine.

Well, today, lucky readers of Retrospace get to relive those days - and this time it's definitely you who gets the loot.  Proudly upload these pdfs to your work computer or mobile device and watch the people sitting beside you turn green with envy.... just like the old days.

DOWNLOAD Dynamite #24 (pictured above)
Note: All files pdf format

DOWNLOAD Dynamite #62**

DOWNLOAD Dynamite #67

DOWNLOAD Dynamite #68
sorry, I'll get this link fixed as soon as I can

DOWNLOAD Dynamite #71

DOWNLOAD Dynamite #112

** Note: This one does not come from my collection, but was found somewhere on the internets a long time ago


  1. Wow, a Knight Rider edition! You just made my day!

  2. Loved DYNAMITE back in the day! Saw my first ish (the Jimmie Walker issue) at a grocery store, saw it had comic book content ("Superhero Confidential" column--this time the Fantastic Four), and was hooked! Soon had a sub!

    I also would try to snag any issues of BANANAS and SMASH (remember them?) if it had superhero posters, stamps, or such! Many issues did! THAT took asking kids (sometimes older) in other classes order for you from Scholastic! Juggling all that change!

    I was surprised to see DYNAMITE ran well into the 80s! For me, it will always represent 1973-76 or so....

    Al Bigley

  3. When someone asks you if you're a god, you can definitely say yes now!

  4. The zip file for #68 contains a bunch of mp3's with dynamite in the name. Nothing to do with the magazine.

  5. DYNAMITE!!! I used to get this delivered to my house in the late 70s! This really brings me back!

  6. Damn. Thanks armpit. I'll try to get that fixed tonight.

  7. #112 has a lovely, prophetic pre-MTV piece in the Off The Record section:

    A "video 45"!

  8. And also in the same issue John Travolta was going to star in The Godfather III with Sylvester Stallone directing.
    The mind boggles as it couldn't have been any worse than the finished 1990 version ;-)

  9. Wow! I just saw these. Thanks so much! You freaking rock!

  10. I had a bunch of these. Wish I still did. :p My favorite was the one with Lou Ferrigno as The Incredible Hulk on the cover.

  11. AnonymousJune 11, 2014

    All links are broken.

  12. AnonymousMay 30, 2015

    If possible, could you please re-post Dynamite #24? Thanks!