Mini Skirt Monday #87: Girls of British TV

Really, before each Mini Skirt Monday post, we should all observe a moment of silence in honor of the Brits.  After all, they basically invented it - sure, it was around for ages, but no one ever wore them in such numbers.   For once, the French and Italians took a backseat in the fashion biz to another nation, and of all places Carnaby Street!

So, if you want to see the mini at its source, I suggest you take a look at BBC programming from the 1960s (and early seventies).  To say they were in plentiful supply doesn't even come close.  I've gathered a few examples below; but, even better, I've tried my hand at YouTube with a few clips.

I love that YouTube has brought so much vintage material back from the grave; however, I don't often use it on Retrospace.  Mainly, this is because most of the videos are poor quality, but also because it can slow down a pageload big time - especially on a mobile device.  I've attempted to upload my own, so tell me what you think about bringing in some videos.  (Or, who cares, let's get on with the minis!)

(okay, the one above is from 1990, but who's counting....)

Those of you concerned that you didn't see a Moon Maiden, Benny Hill babe, or an Are You Being Served? chick, rest easy.  In due time. In due time.


  1. Weren't there some miniskirts in the original Doctor Who as well?

  2. If you can find them, some miniskirt pics of Diana Rigg would be nice.

  3. If you're doing a BBC-theme, don't forget Carol Cleveland in the "Marriage Guidance Counsellor" sketch from Monty Python. Hot Damn!!

  4. Nearly all of those examples aren't fom the BBC. Most are from ITV.

  5. hahaha! Keeping up Appearances! Too funny! Hilarious show too!

  6. Good grief, I remember having the hots for Mz Bastedo when I was knee high to a grasshopper. I loved "the Champions." which also had a fantastic theme tune. What about those purple haired space moonbase babes from UFO?

    Gabrielle Drake as Lt Ellis doing the strip in that series is quite sexy.

  7. Of all your examples shown above I think only one is from the BBC.

    That's the one from 'Keeping Up Appearances'.

    And that was a comedy programme from the 90s with the miniskirted older woman as a bit of a joke.

    I'm intriuged as to why you think the BBC had anything to do with all the other programmes.

    You are obviously misinformed. But by whom?

  8. First, I believe I mentioned in the post that I knew this was from the 90s; I've watched the show many times... just thought I'd throw it in there.

    Second, I guess I kind of think of all British TV as the BBC. Obviously it isn't; so, girls of British TV would be more accurate. I'll change it.

  9. Don't forget about Carol Cleveland from Monty Python's Flying Circus!

  10. I watched the episode of Judee Morton in The Saint yesterday on ITV3. Beautiful.