Retrospace Gets Deep with a Random Word Generator

You'll recall from the last post where I used a random word generator that (A) I am easily amused and (2) it is often a better wordsmith than a lot of actual writers when it comes to turning a quick phrase.  Fans of authors like James Joyce can certainly appreciate the subtle beauty that is intrinsic in the right combination of words.  I'm not saying the random word generator is as good as Bill Shakespeare; however, I am saying it's pretty cool to play with.

This time, for the sheer hell of it, I thought I'd go deep.  Could the right random combination of words with a complimentary vintage image make me look like a deep thinker? Could I frame these and make people think I am a reclusive existentialist?  It was worth a try...

Dostoevsky, Camus, Nietzsche, Sartre.... eat your hearts out.  

 Not bad.  Youth without direction or cause can benefit from a dogmatic perspective, oft projected by adults.  If I was someone famous and I said this, it would be in Bartlett's within the hour.  George Bernard Shaw wishes he was as good as my random word generator. 

Indeed. Indeed.  (I say as I puff my pipe, sitting in my high backed leather armchair.)

If Shakespeare or Christopher Marlowe had tried to say "Don't sweat the small stuff", this is how it would've come out.

What's it mean? Sounds like our RWG is asking whether sadness is cured by beauty.... or does beauty in fact make our sadness grow.  It's a deep question.  When they legalize marijuana, we'll discuss.

This one seams pretty obvious... or does it?  Does this mean the nun, once secure in her ideals regarding sexuality, now feel that security rotting away?  Or does it a comment on the degenerating of our morality as a society?

Okay, now this one is more like something William Burroughs would say.  I could see this line appearing in The Naked Lunch, no problem.  And as with Burroughs' writings, you need to be a repressed homosexual addicted to heroin and tripping on acid to understand them.  So, I'll leave this one well enough alone.

I'll refrain from commenting on the rest of these.  Instead, I'll let any of you self proclaimed philosophers out there take a stab at them.  Time to get deep.


  1. On the same note haven't we all seen a captcha that seemed relevantly profound, like Yoda speak

  2. Burroughs didn't repress anything.

    That young woman has literally been called on the carpet to account for herself and possibly be ritually punished within that cozy structure.