Vintage Men's Mags #18: Action Mag Sharity

I've had several posts spotlighting some pretty amazing pulp covers, and have had several requests to provide a look inside.  As with B movie posters and carnival attractions, sometimes the art tantalizes you to take a peak, but typically leads to disappointment. Indeed, if the magazine even comes close to living up to its breathtakingly lurid cover art, it's a rare find well worth the time.

Here's a few pulp rags scanned from cover to cover for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD Rage (1961) 


DOWNLOAD Men in Adventure, September 1969
Watch out, this one's got a couple pages with boobs on them.  


DOWNLOAD World of Men, March 1968
Again, the boob warning still stands


  1. Thanks for the share! I always wanted to find out what lurked beneath these covers.

  2. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  3. @Dex - Unfortunately, what lurked beneath the covers was never quite as good as the cover itself.

    I hope you enjoy them nevertheless!

  4. Thank you very much! For my part, i think what's inside these mags is (kind of) as "good" as the covers, we would not want high-brow literature there anyway!!!

    Something else i would love to see is a site dedicated to pulp pocketbooks, but with the actual stories, not the covers only. As for magazines, we may be disappointed, but right now, i feel like we are being shown album covers without never getting to hear the music!!! Thanks for your great blog.

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    I can't think of what would happen to this country if those "sexist" images are left unchallenged.

    Fortunately, there has never been a time in our past when women were ever so "objectified."
    This seems a new phenomenon. Probably because of President Obama.

    What was this post about again?