The Boob Tube #27: Munster Sharity

The Munsters was the ultimate sitcom for a young lad like myself, back in the day.  It had everything a boy could want:

The Munsters had horror puns up the yin yang.
Every kid goes through a corny joke phase, and The Munsters was all up in that business with a vengeance.
Ex. "Hey, I learned how to gila monster with a broken heart...get her fiance to give her diamondback!" HAHAHAHA (kids laugh uncontrollably while they groan like Lurch and roll their eyes)

Most of all, though, kids were into monsters.  The show was essentially Donna Reed with freaking monsters. The Addams Family was great, but a lot of the humor was lost on me.  Plus, Gomez and Morticia looked ready to get down to the business of f***ing at any moment.... I didn't know what sex was, but I felt uncomfortable nonetheless.

So, in honor of a show that made my childhood just a little bit more enjoyable, here's a few Munster odds and ends.  Enjjoy.

Here's an article from a fanzine reminiscing about these two shows, with an interview with Pat Priest.

A 1967 Munsters Gold Key Comic..

DOWNLOAD the full comic

The Munsters Theme

And last but not least....

The Official Munsters Magazine (1965) DOWNLOAD


  1. *looks around, then whispers* I always had the hots for Grandpa....

    What? I'm into older men!

  2. Wow - That is one chock-full post of greatness! Happy Halloween!

  3. Plus the cars!! "Hot Rod Herman" was one cool episode, man.

  4. I too always preferred The Munsters to Aadams Family. Somehow, I always had the idea that most people like the Aadams Family, and I was slumming or something.

  5. The Addams Family has more hipster cred I guess because of the Charles Addams vibe; whereas, The Musters are just like the Beverly Hillbillies only monsters.... if that makes sense.

    I'm guessing Rob Zombie is also slumming with us based on his love of the Dragula.

  6. I believe the models of the cars have been re-issued again recently.

  7. I love "The Munsters," and never got "The Addams Family." The Munsters characters seem sincere, while the Addams show seems fake and pretentious; they always feel (to me) like they are putting on fake voices and winking at the audience. Like Gilligan, or the Jetsons, or the Flintstones, the Munsters is played straight, and we feel for the characters and their personal problems despite the ridiculous setting.

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  9. I think The Munsters was just more fun than The Addams Family (though I did like Ted Cassidy). As I was young it was much easier to enjoy. I didn't really get The Adams Family until puberty hit, and Morticia suddenly raised my blood pressure...

  10. Had the pleasure of meeting Pat Priest a few years ago at the San Diego Comic-con (old haunt of mine). She was very pleasant and gracious and we talked for an hour. I liked the Munsters, but I think that JZ is right, The Addams Family was more for the older set.

    1. I recently came across something claiming that had THE MUNSTERS been picked up for a third season, Priest would have been replaced by Debbie Watson, who played the role in the feature film MUNSTER, GO HOME. This, in fact, was as much a test to see how the show would look in color--the original pilot was filmed in color, but when CBS picked up the show in 1964, its policy was to refuse to air color programming except for special occasions.

  11. The reference for THE MUNSTERS isn't DONNA REED, but LEAVE IT TO BEAVER--both shows had the same duo behind them...Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher.