Comic Books #32: AIEEE!

When writing a horror comic you're going to be confronted with the enevitable question "what do I put in a speech bubble when somebody screams?"  Naturally, there's a lot of screaming going on in this type of genre, so you better have a nice catch-all exclamation at the ready. "AIEEEE!" is your catch-all.

Let's face it, "EEEK!" sounds girly and lame (who ever really screams "EEK!" anyway?).  And the Curse of the Ancients ("Great Caesar's Ghost!", "By Jove!", "Odin's Beard!") sounds rather unrealistic.

A simple "EEEEE!" is an option, but it sounds more like a police siren or shrill laughter than blood curdling horror.  Then there's "AAAAA!" but that looks too much like a refreshing "AAAAAH."  The most realistic of all would be to use expletives ("Holy Shit!); however, this was strictly verboten back in the day.

Thus, we are left with good ole "AIEEE!".  Let's see it in action...

And finally, before I get any comments pointing out that it wasn't just horror comics that used it....


  1. Definitely works the best!

  2. I've noticed you have to have a minimum of 3 E's or it doesn't look right.

    "Odin's Beard!" - nice!

  3. I prefer the E.C. approach, which is - and I quote - "...eh...eh...eh...choke!"

  4. I once had a whole concerpt for a comic series featuring the adventures of EEEK ! and AIEEE! They were unwitting superheroes and part of the "League of Interjectons" Oh, the misadventures those two would get in to! Unfortunately, someone had already come up with the idea and threatened to sue. SO, now I only draw a single character named "Darn!" or maybe it's RATS!

  5. But whither whit the classic "GOOD LORD! *CHOKE*?