Comic Books #31: Horror Comic Sharity

Christmas is traditionally the season of giving (and, of course, getting); however, the charitable spirit hit me a couple months early this year.  Here's five old-school horror comics for year reading pleasure.   Let me know if you want more - I've got a million of 'em.  I'm not much of a comic book nerd  aficionado when it comes to the superhero genre; however, I am balls-out crazy for some Tales from the Crypt-esque cautionary tales of monsters, murder, and mayhem. 

So, let's save any further blathering and commence to downloading some groovy age horror comics. Enjoy!

February 1958, Volume 2, Number 15

No. 11, May 1978

November 1971


March 1952


  1. How awesome is this post??? AWESOME!

  2. Very cool. Thanks for uploading those. I remember having a couple issues of "Weird War," which was along the same vein as those - would have been from the early to mid 80's. I probably still have them somewhere. The ads for the novelty stuff crack me up. I remember having a switchblade comb. Stupid.