Magazines #30: Horror Mag Sharity

Why do I feel the need to share my stuff? I was never a particularly giving child. I could be damn near miserly, in fact, when it came to my toys and comic books.  Now that things have gone digital, it seems I can't stop sharing my loot with the world. What gives?.

I mean, it's not like I'm getting money for it, and I'm not exactly the most charitable person in the world. If there's a shrink out there reading this, maybe you can explain why I just spent several hours getting these old magazines available to the people.  My personal theory is that I have a hyperactive subliminal desire to preserve the past - to not let those glory days die.

But, enough about my mental health.  In preparation for Halloween, let's get some free vintage horror magazines.  Enjoy them while they last, though.  As you may have heard from the last post, I'm  kicking Rapidshare to the curb.  Once my membership expires (which shouldn't be too much longer), all the rapidshare links go dead.  I'll be using another service in the future that doesn't suck balls.

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Spring 1969

World of Horror (1971)


Horror Stories
June 1971
Note: This one's been offered before; but, I thought it deserved another mention considering I've got more of the same coming up...

Horror Stories No.8, 1971


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  1. Merci beaucoup, Gilligan. The Bradbury interview, in particular, was interesting.