Needlework A-Go Go #22

Here's some more groovy yarn action from the sixties and seventies.  Screw Cosmo and Vogue; I want some good ol' craft pamphlets to supply my vintage fashion fix. The first one up is a 1971 booklet called "All That Glitters"... (or "all that is gold does not glitter" says Gandalf).

McCall's Crochet Lesson for Beginners 1971

Columbia Minerva Sweater Bazaar 1969


  1. cookieknitsOctober 13, 2011

    You need to come to my house. I have some vintage needlework magazines that will curl your hair. I can't resist them. I keep looking at the designs and thinking, "If I used a different yarn, and changed the neckline, and got rid of all the fringes, and..." Well, by that time, I would have a whole different sweater, so why bother?
    Anyway, these mags are good for scaring people on a dark and stormy night.

  2. I love the old craft/sewing stuff! One of these days I'll get around to scanning my little collection.