Retrospace Mix Tape #15: 2011 Halloween Mix

Here's another Halloween mix tape for you listening pleasure.  Please feel free to drop some loose change in the tip jar in the sidebar.  Let's keep this magical mystery tour we call Retrospace alive and well, ladies and gents.  To those who have already donated, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Jacula - Soul Satan 1979
The Duponts - Screamin' Ball (At Dracula Hall) 1958
Movie Promo The Haunted Strangler
Bo Diddley - Bo Meets The Monster
Billy Demarco & Count Dracula -Drac's Back 1962
Revels - Midnight Stroll 1959
Virgil Holmes - Ghost Train 1961
Buchanan & Goodman - Frankenstein Of '59
The Verdicts - The Mummy's Ball 1961
Hollywood Flames - Frankenstein's Den
The Nu-Trends - Spooksville 1963
Milton DeLugg & The All-Stars - The Munster's Theme 1964
Thomas Newman - To The Shock Of Miss Louise 1987
John Zacherle - Coolest Little Monster 1960
Five Man Electrical Band - Werewolf
Bill Doggett - Monster Party 1959
Johnny Fuller - Haunted House
The Jayhawks - The Creature (From Outer Space) 1957
The Kac-Ties - Mr Were-Wolf 1962
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Feast Of The Mau Mau
Allan Sherman - My Son, the Vampire 1964
Bobby Please And The Pleasers - The Monster 1959
Redbone - The Witch Queen Of New Orleans
The Fiends - Theme from The Addams Family 1964
Johnny Otis Show With Marci Lee - Castin' My Spell
Billy Lee Riley - Nightmare Mash 1963
Sonny Richard's Panics With Cindy And Misty - The Voo Doo Walk 1962
Swingin' Phillies - Frankenstein's party 1958
The Monotones - Legend of Sleepy Hollow 1958
Howlin' Wolf - I Ain't Superstitious
Jackie Morningstar - Rockin' In The Graveyard 1959
Buchanan & Goodman - Frankenstein Returns (Part II)
Morgue And The Ghouls - Morgus The Magnificent
Orvin Yoes - The Vampire 1960
Combustible Edison - Bewitched 1995
Combustible Edison - Coven of Witches 1995
Trax - Watch Out For The Boogie Man 1977
The Vamps - Disco Blood 1977
Saxon - Princess Of The Night 1981
Jack Malmsten - Satan Takes a Holiday

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Okay, I'm pretty sure we've got a workable link again..... (crap, I hope I didn't just jinx it)


  1. That is quite a mix tape, sir! Wow!

  2. Apparently you need a Rapidshare account to download? That's new.

  3. No you should NOT need a rapidshare. Please try this again. If RapidShare is effing things up again I will simultaneously scream, cry and vomit.(No. It won't be pretty).

  4. Its doing the same with me too, Gilligan :/

  5. AAAAAARRRRGGG!!! I hate Rapidshare with every fiber of my being.

    Anyway, I've linked to each individual song (which was a pain in the ass BTW); hopefully, you'll be able to grab some of these tunes that way... then again, maybe not.

  6. I would reeeeaaaally appreciate it if someone could tell me if they can download this track:


    I would like to phase out rapidshare, since I have my own domain I also pay for @ retrospace.biz. However, I can't figure out how to actually SHARE the files from that domain. You can access them (i.e. play the tracks), but I'm clueless on how to get them to you via a download.

  7. I was trying to redownload a couple of your mixes last night after having to reset my ipod and losing it all, only yo be denied by Radpidshare... Gutted.

  8. Gilligan: I was able to get that track, just so you know.

  9. Thanks Joe.... how'd you manage to do it? (I'm full of questions, I know, but its for a good cause).

    If anyone else can shed some light please chime in.

  10. I just right-clicked on the link and hit "save as". :)

  11. I got the "moonlight serenade" with the link you mentioned above... But Rapidshare didn't work for me. I even signed up for an account, but never got the confirmation / activation email. Thanks for the effort, though!

  12. Thanks for the feedback. It wasn't working for me to right click it (but, then again, I am at work and they have a pesky way of blocking things).

    Anyway, I've had it with rapidshare. I will be totally phasing it out. Sorry about the inconvience. I'll update this post with a retrospace.biz download link when I get off work. Thanks again for the responses!

  13. Update: The confirmation email arrived after half an hour or so, I clicked the link, and it works. I can download as a RapidShare free account. It's cumbersome, but it's free, and I figger beggars can't be choosers. Thanks!

  14. the .biz link is toast. Jeepers! :-)

  15. This is nuts. I think I've finally got a workable link now. It's still Rapidshare, but I don't think it will shit on us this time.

    1. Is this mix not available anymore....?