Vinyl Dynamite #33: Ghoulish Grooves

I'm the Wolfman - Round Robin - 1965

It's getting near Halloween and I'm feeling a bit festive.  Time to dust off some old horror records and let the sharing begin.   Just for the hell of it, I've included some "cover art" created by yours truly.  Happy listening!

Soul Satan by Jacula (Anno Demoni LP - 1979)

Jack the Ripper by The Apostles (An Hour of Prayer LP - 1966)

Black Cat by Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra - 1937

The Way Out Mummy by Bob Ridgley - 1968

Phantasm by Captain Zorro - 1979

Monster Mash by Sounds Galactic (Sounds of the Stars LP - 1974)


  1. Those vintage painted covers are awesome! Any info on the artists?

  2. Check out old CREEPY, EERIE and Vampirella covers. Those artists didn't half ass it, too say the least.

  3. They surely did not. Great cover art. Something that is lost in the age of MP3s. Though the latest Misfits release has amazing art.