Vinyl Dynamite #34: Halloween Howls

Boris the Spider by The Kords (1966)

"Boris the Spider" as we all know was originally recorded by The Who.  However, back in the day, cover songs didn't cost you an arm and a leg in royalties.  In fact, most rock groups that had no money and hadn't made it yet, found cover songs the best way into the mainstream.  The best example, perhaps, is The Rolling Stones' cover of The Beatles' "I Wanna Be Your Man"..... which is kind of a sad testament to how greedy the music biz has become when you consider The Stones sued the shit out of The Verve for just using their instrumentals in the background of "Bittersweet Symphony".

But I digress.  That's a topic for another post.  It's almost Halloween, so let's cut the jibba jabba and get to some more vintage Halloween Howls!

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Vampira by Bobby Bare (1958)

Note: this is a detail from the original single, with text alteration
Drac's Back by Andy Forray (1979)

They're easy pickin's at the discotheque
I leave them feeling like they've been in a wreck
You know they wake up all wasted
And they never ever check
Those two small holes that I leave in their neck

Well if they were wise
They would soon realize
They're not hung over
They're just vampir-ized
'Cause Drac's Back

I wanna suck your..(oooh.. Dracula!)
Drac's back...

Drac's Back by Red Lipstique (1981) Note: This actually a cover version of the previous track

Witch's Promise by Jethro Tull (1969)

Night of Fear by The Move (1966)

The Blob by The Five Blobs (1958)


  1. Awesome Halloween sharing, dude! Thanks!

  2. The guy in "Drac's Back" looks like Joel McHale.

  3. Now I want to hear a comedy routine by Blob Hope.

    Great post!

    - TGWD

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback, Mello and GW Dope. I'd rather here a Blob Newhart routine, personally.

    @RAM - Put a skinny tie on Drac, and they're dead ringers.... get it? DEAD ringers?

    (crickets: chirp....chirp....chirp)

  5. The cover artist on Night of Fear is wonderful! The typewriter and the girl are beautifully formed and lighted. Next to the typewriter, the detail of the leather folder with the metal strap holding the manuscript is the finishing touch. Nobody would have noticed if that folder wasn't there, but the artist knew it had to be part of the picture.

  6. Agreed, the "Night of Fear" painting is great, as is the Sabrina the Teenage Witch panel by Dan DeCarlo. Both artists knew how to render women!