The Boob Tube #28: Lesser Known TV Babes (Part 2)

Back by popular demand is another round of hotties from 70s and 80s primetime TV.  This period was a Golden Age of sorts for bit part actors and actresses to get their moment in the limelight - it just seemed like every show (in particular, the hour long dramas) lent themselves to a buttload of cameos and "guest appearances".  Love, American Style started the ball rolling, then The Love Boat and Fantasy Island made it their bread and butter. In the 1980s, cop shows like TJ Hooker and Hunter kept the trend alive.  By the time the 1990s rolled in, the heavy reliance on small-time actors and "guest appearances" was getting a bit tired.

Anyway, here's another group of lesser known babes that made the prime time rounds in the 70s and 80s, only to drift off into relative obscurity. See if you recognize them.

Christie Claridge played bit parts in TJ Hooker, Automan, The New Mike Hammer, Masquerade, The Love Boat, The A Team, and (my favorite) Manimal.  Helllss yes.  And BTW, her sister married Hulk Hogan.

Katherine Saltzberg (formerly Katherine Maisnik) had a brief run with Remington Steele, Battle of the Network Stars, and ChiPs.  She got a recurring role on the sitcom Star in the Family (with Brian Dennehy as the crotchety dad of a young pop star) , but the show was cancelled after only ten episodes (ten episodes too late, if you ask me).

Alice Cadogan (Katherine's partner in the Remington Steele episode screen caps above) never landed her own sitcom, but did pop up in a shit ton of TV shows: Alice, After MASH, St. Elsewhere, Newhart, an After School Special, and The Jeffersons, to name a few.  Her biggest role was the hotel clerk in Beverly Hills Cop.

Suzanne Hunt began acting in small TV roles as far back as Bewitched.  She kept it up through Charlie's Angels, Making a Living, and ALF, then moved on to some low budget films like the Popcorn.  She had a main acting role as a nurse in the Wayne Rogers -Lynn Redgrave sitcom House Calls which amazingly lasted from 1979 to 1982.

I hate to include Karen Valentine on a list of "lesser known" actresses because, to those geezers old enough to remember the seventies, she was pretty well known.  She starred in Room 222 and a bunch of fairly well known movies like Hot Lead and Cold Feet.  But she needs to be represented here due to her substantial volume of guest appearances.

She's had cameos on The Love Boat, Barretta, McMillan & Wife, Starsky & Hutch, Fantasy Island, Hollywood Squares (she was on that A LOT), She's the Sheriff, Murder She Wrote, and an ungodly amount of TV movies.

Perhaps you remember that KITT had an arch-enemy called KARR? Damn, those shows were so unbelievably stupid, but we lapped them up and begged for more!

Anyway, Jennifer Holmes may not sound familiar to you, but she probably holds the record against all the ladies on this list.  She made Rip Taylor look like a slouch.  Her claims to fame include The Rockford Files, Lou Grant, Voyagers!, Fame, Tales of the Unexpected, Hart to Hart, Dukes of Hazzard, and a starring role in Misfits of Science.... to name just few.

So, Miss Holmes walks away with this episode's trophy.  Stay tuned for the next.


  1. Karen Valentine was the star of the hit show Room 222 which premiered in 1969.

  2. Popular demand? You mean people want posts on hot babes of the 70s and 80s? Who knew?

    Who can forget Karen Valentine? What a crush I had on her.

  3. I will always remember Penny Peyser from the movie "The Cisco Kid". I haven't seen the movie in years, but I made a point of staying to watch the credits to find out her name (which was unheard of for a teenager). And now 30 years later, I still remember her! She's done lots of TV stuff, but I don't think she qualifies for your list because she never appear in either Love Boat or in a bikini.

  4. Karen Valentine was on ''Love, American Style'' if I recall correctly. Yes, I am a geezer. How about a post on that show?

  5. I think it's hilarious how you have this blog post about guest actresses from old TV shows, but three inches below that on the screen there's an ad to "Watch Current Shows."

  6. I love Penny Peyser! It was "The Frisco Kid" not Cisco. She's also the daughter getting married in "The In-Laws" (The original not the shitty remake) (I hate having to add that to the titles of a lot of my favorite movies)

    On this page -Johnny LaRue's Crane Shot: The Foundlings- he mentions Penny in the BJ and the Bear pilot.

    ("special guest star" Penny Peyser, just coming off THE TONY RANDALL SHOW and looking scrumptious in Daisy Duke shorts)

    Not a bikini but almost as nice.

    Try to get a picture of that for the next post!

  7. Rebecca Holden was a fave.. she bounced around (no pun intended) Knight Rider, TJ Hooker, Magnum PI and other programming at the time. Kay Lenz made the rounds as well.

  8. Rebecca Holden was a fave of mine at the time. She bounced around (pun intended) Knight Rider, TJ Hooker, Magnum PI and various other prime time episodes. I would always enjoy seeing Kay Lenz pop up on the tube as well.

  9. I love how you claimed Knight Rider was "so unbelievably stupid" yet you run a website about B actress women who are now in there 50's.
    LOL! You fail.

    1. The post makes it clear that it looks back, fondly, at some of the lesser known beauties of that TV era. Just as TV shows of today will soon be seen (if not already) as "unbelievably stupid", so are shows of the 70's and 80's. We may shiver at the content, but we remember the pretty ladies. The only 'fail' here, Tao, is your weak attempt at a childish insult.