Fact or Fiction #18: Vintage Look-A-Likes

The Von Hiatt Trio
I was just going through some old pictures of bands and musicians that never made it real big (I posted on it not too long ago) and started noticing that some of these people looked miiiiighty familiar.  Like creepy familiar...

Von Hiatt and Thom York of Radiohead
What the Hell? Same lips, nose, eyes and bone structure.  Was Thom York's dad in The Von Hiatt Trio, a group that would've considered themselves lucky to get booked at a Holiday Inn?  Very doubtful. It must be my mind playing tricks on me.

And then I saw this...

Perhaps not as impressive, but still a bit scary - The Ace Trucking Company.  Let's have a look here.... there's a woman in dire need of a brush, a poor-man's David Crosby at her right leg, and - whoa, what's this? Is that you, Fred Willard?

Although this next lounge duo claims to be Carol and Alan Ascher, we know better....

Could it be that this man, who once tickled the ivories at your local Howard Johnson's cocktail bar, would become a US Representative? Shouldn't the poster read Carol and Anthony Weiner?

I'd insert some sort of lewd joke about Weiner's predilection for ball sack photography, but the Weiner joke ship has long since sailed. Bon voyage!


  1. Those pictures are just too funny!

  2. That is in fact Fred Willard. Ace Trucking Company was a comedy troupe from the 60s. They appeared regularly on the Tom Jones Show.

  3. What? That IS Fred Willard? How about that. I'd be embarrassed if I wasn't so impressed with myself.

  4. Alan Ascher is closer to Neil Sedaka than that Weiner.