Mini Skirt Monday #92: Stripes!

Why do I bother writing anything in these Miniskirt Monday posts? No idea, but here goes: These are images of girls in miniskirts that are striped.

Now that that's cleared up. Let's look at some pictures.

Named after a Star Trek character and unbelievably hot.... how come I never knew this back in the eighties? "Heart and Soul" was a nice song, but it had a shitty video.... and then I never heard about her again.

The guy in the middle is soooo wasted.

Can you name the chick in the red and white stripes? I'll give you a hint, it's not Isabel Sanford.

Recognize this movie scene? I'm not telling you what it is.  British people are disqualified from answering.

This record is from 1984.... so I'm guessing that's a frozen yogurt, not ice cream. Viva la TCBY

Dress by Mari Quant. Hat by Otis Campbell.

Taken only seconds before the dude on the motorcycle runs them over

Photographer: "Now stand on one foot and look up and to the right.... that's it. Now look natural."

Kurt Henkel's Tanz Band obviously plays a very different variety of country & western music than I'm accustomed to.... and I like.

Nice miniskirt, but I could live without the hat.  Wait a tick.... FREE WALLET!!

Is this a dance, or are these two literally about to become airborne?

The screen cap above is from "The Partridge Family", but can you name where the screen cap below is from?


  1. I do recognize that movie scene, as a matter of fact, even though I'm not British. Hmm, I wonder what sort of time they'll be having now that they've arrived in London? (It will involve Michael York.)

  2. I thought I had the one with the two ladies, but I was thinking of the wrong movie. (The one I thought it was only had one of the actresses.)

    The lower one looks like a still from Monty Python's Flying Circus. Isn't that Graham Chapman behind the desk?

    Also, a "Heart and Soul" reference and no mention of "China in your hand"? :)

  3. That isn't Graham nor Monty Python.

  4. It's Jim Dale and Valerie Leon (famous for being a Hammer Horror girl and in the UK Hai Karate ads

    In Carry On Again Doctor - can I claim my prize?

  5. @anonymous- To Americans, all British people look like Graham Chapman.

    @Mondo- Yes you do get a prize. The self satisfaction of having answered correctly. Now, isn't that better than money?

  6. No only is there Valerie Leon but a young Caroline Munro of Starcrash and many other schlock masterpieces mmodelling Mary Quant. Of course we also have Tishingham and redgrave in Smashing Time i believe

  7. One of the more involved "Miniskirt Mondays" postings, and just as fun.

    The shot of the lady posing in front of the giant tire is hilarious! (To her credit, she knows the setup is silly.) And how about the lady with the HUGE tie?

    "Hat by Otis Campbell"? More like she got it from the Darling family! :o)

  8. Caroline Munro......
    She seems less "bursty" in that photo than usual.

  9. Wow....reminds me of High-School!

  10. The girl in the red and white striped mini is Sylvie Vartan :D

  11. The lucky guy in the white pants waiting for "the dude on the motorcycle" to run him over is none other than Aussie singing legend Johnny Farnham around his "Sadie the cleaning lady" days - when dudes on m/c's most certainly wished to run him over. Not so much when he reinvented himself as plain John Farnham (Little River Band frontman & 80's/90's solo performer).

  12. The scene with the two ladies is from 1967's Smashing Time with Rita Tushingham, Lynn Redgrave and Michael York. It's the swingingest, moddest romp you ever saw!

  13. And I'm American BTW.

  14. Nice post, and with 2 hot Frecnh girls of the 60s in it! (singers France Gall & Sylvie Vartan).