Miniskirt Monday #93: Stairways to Heaven

Yes, it's true we're engaging in undeclared wars on three different countries, our economy has fallen into the abyss, and our country is as divided as it has ever been since Lincoln.... but we still have one thing good goin' for us - miniskirts on Monday.

This time we're looking at minis on steps and stairs. Long a source of potential embarrassment to girls and a source of joy for boys, the stairs and bleachers at school were both a blessing and curse during the Age of the Mini.

They also serve as the perfect place to pose for the camera whilst wearing minis as sitting could result in the dreaded "upskirt" photo for all perpetuity.

So, bring on the miniskirts - and stairs!



  1. Especially like the pic about 6th from the bottom, where the insouciant blonde guarantees an A from the math teacher.

    Leg power!

  2. You know, I was just thinking... When miniskirts went out of style, then we started getting a major weight problem in this country...

    Coincidence? I think not! Bring back the mini and save lives, I say!

  3. The top photo has a "Stepford Wives" quality about it. My eyes automatically zeroed in on the girl in red, 4th from the top.
    Most of these girls are grandmothers now.

  4. Now adays women seem to have no problem showing off their panties or lack of them. Some even purposely position themselves or their clothing so everyone can see. What do you guys think is sexier? A gal in a miniskirt trying to keep people from seeing up it or a gal spreading her legs to show the world her thong and brazillian?

  5. Well, I'll never turn down a celebrity getting out of a limo sans knickers, but give me a bevy of sorority sisters in minskirts and floppy hats from 1971 everytime :)

    Awesome Monday Miniskirt theme, Gilligan--thanks!

  6. Great photos. Thanks!

  7. Vintage Photos! Girls always look hot, guys always look like a bunch of dorks!

  8. I see the squaredancers from "That Nashville Music" in their Ralston Purina shirts made another Miniskirt Monday post.

  9. Best: Last pic. Wow ...

    Runner up: Seventh from the bottom - long straight dark hair and boots - is soooo cute.

    Honorable mentions: yummy back shot of girl climbing the stairs, three-shot of girl and guy jumping (?) outside, and girl taking notes outside DARING you to come closer.

    That "ART" pic isn't subliminal at all, nope.

  10. Would it be possible that 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s era miniskirts were passed down to younger generations of women? Can retrospace post photos of young women of today wearing their mothers' or even grandmothers' vintage miniskirts?