Miniskirt Monday #94: Shoe Sales - A Job Worth Dying For

Google "best job in the world" and your liable to be directed to careers like "professional wine taster" and "island resort blogger".  Or, perhaps, you have personal interests that dictate what you'd call the greatest job ever - maybe baseball writer or puppeteer?

Well, hardcore Miniskirt Monday fans will beg to differ.  The greatest job in the world is... (drum roll please).... a shoe salesman between the years of 1969 and 1974. (ta-daaaa)  Any arguments to the contrary are invalid.

Sadly, as the date parameters indicate, this field is no longer the fertile ground it once was. Life was good for young Al Bundys, but sucked hard once the miniskirt fell out of fashion.

Is it a bit sad and pervy to make this claim? Maybe, maybe not. But take a look at some vintage shoe salesmen in action, and then make up your mind.



  1. Plus you could walk over and use the red & black fuzzy shoe buffers any time you wanted!

  2. I don't know, I think guys with a foot fetish would still love to be shoe salesmen.

    However, even the state of buying shoes has changed. The salesmen never offer to measure women's feet any more. Even the attractive ones have to insist on it. Only stores that specialize in women's wide width shoes measure, and they're staffed with women. And the salesmen never offer to help a woman put a shoe on. Nope, have to do it yourself.

    I blame all the women who scream "sexual harassment" at the drop of a hat.

  3. To mirror JamiSings' comments above, the last time I remember getting my feet measured was when I was a kid. I wouldn't mind having a cute young guy help me try on shoes. It's interesting (and sometimes a little disappointing) how PC the world has become.

  4. Would have had the desire, but not the nerve, lol.

  5. I'll pass. For every sweet young thang who comes into your store, there's a fat middle-aged woman, another guy, and a bratty kid.

    There was a buxom blonde in my study group in grad school. During one evening class she kicked her shoes off under the table, and her feet smelled so bad I thought I was going to pass out. - And what was I supposed to do, TELL HER???

  6. I feel like I consistently am one of the few who find things still right in the world, but last time I bought an expensive pair of shoes from Macy's, there was a nice older shoe salesman who helped me find my shoes AND measure my feet!

    One of the few times that's happened to me in years though, and it probably helped that it was Macy's... now if only they still had the wonderful hat section they used to!

  7. While our beloved Gilligan is being fiercely romantic (and just a bit perverted), there was the other side of the coin, bluntly posted by 'anonymous': "I'll pass. For every sweet young thang who comes into your store, there's a fat middle-aged woman, another guy, and a bratty kid."

    Amen. While being a shoe salesman in the late 60's/early 70's might have its occasional perks, the downside would be nothing short of torture!

  8. @JamiSings and [email protected]: There are a lot of things that men won't do, these days, because the consequences that follow from being accused of something are too severe, and the risk is just not worth it. For nearly every woman who has screamed "sexual harassment" at the drop of a hat, a man has been arrested, fired from his job, or kicked out of somewhere at the drop of the same hat--without any more evidence or probable cause than the accusation. I have met several men who have been through the experience, some of whom were badly scarred by it. This is a hostile climate that goes far beyond any notion of "political correctness."