Needlework-a-Go Go #23: Yarn-valanche

Yarn Goddess
Let me give you a quick lesson in 1970s Yarnology. Nowhere will you find (1) better examples of bad seventies fashion and (2) hotter looking seventies babes. It's having your breath taken away by the combination of unbelievable threads and dynamite foxes.  This is as close to Nirvana as you're likely to get, my friend.

I dig the brown outfit; but, didn't both Margaret Thatcher and Prince have a haircut like that?

The gal on the right appears to be half woman, half Chia Pet. Does the outfit require regular watering?

One thing about these home woven yarn creations is that they were often see-through.  In the 1970s, this might get you noticed - in the 2000's, it might get you arrested.

You know what? If my girlfriend is going to wear an outfit like that, I honestly wouldn't mind dressing like a complete jackass. I think it's a pretty fair trade, don't you?

"This is the future calling. Just wanted to let you know that letting someone take a picture of you in that layered Hula skirt was a big mistake. Bye." (dial tone)

Look! It's Yarn Lass and Craft Gal! I wonder what their super powers are? 


  1. I wouldn't say they were all COMPLETELY horrible.

    One is all around horrible, of course.

    In picture #2 I'd wear a sweater version of the black dress, provided it did not have the band around the middle because that's an empire waist and while I wear them, I freaking HATE empire waists. Everyone claims they make me look thinner. I think they make me look pregnant. (I only wear them because they're about the only thing offered in plus sizes and I can't sew. Otherwise I'd make my own clothing.) But the other dress in that picture should be burned - or used only at Halloween. Lord knows it's the right colors for the season.

    Picture number three - the blue dress would look better without the fringe. The cut and shape of it would look good in other materials. The brown suit, I like the cut and shape but not the material or the color. Now imagine that again with black slacks, a dark purple top - no turtle neck BTW - and a black vest maybe with a delicate working of silver threads in a pin stripe like pattern. Just enough there to shimmer without being over powering. Completely different materials, of course.

    Skip picture four and five.

    Picture six - again, the shape of it is nice. Imagine it in a completely different material such as jersey cotton or even satin or silk. A less mustard gas looking color as well such as black, royal blue, purple - or for those gals who, unlike me, don't have rosacea - red.

    Seven is horrible.

    Eight, nice top, even as a knit, horrible bottom. Would be much better paired with some nice blue jeans and high healed ankle boots.

    Nine - UG!

    I can be pretty defensive of 70s fashions. I stand firm that if one makes slight alterations here and there, use different colors, and different materials, some would be extremely beautiful. Women back then looked more like women. Men looked more like men.

    But the best part of 70s fashion - men wore the waist of their pants AT their waist. Not around their knees like today's "men."

  2. They're dressed much better than that freak in Nirvana with his pajamas and ladies' sunglasses.

  3. I'd love #1 to have for a winter's day when I don't plan to the leave the house. Looks soooo comfy to curl up in with a book. At least it's not a Snuggie, right?

  4. I agree with Jami. SOME of looks pretty good but maybe the choice of yarn colors and patterns (like in that red, blue and red romper dress) would look better with better color combinations. Then again, they wouldn't be so seventies-tastic

    Yarn Goddess. Also a good band name :D

  5. I like the shape of some of these, but some of the color choices are horrendous. I think the star hat and scarf are cute (last photo), but totally impractical...that hat wouldn't do much to keep your head warm.

  6. Holy smokes - in the third panel, woman on the right - that's Veronica Hamel from Hill Street Blues.