Vintage Men's Mags #19: Rugged Action Manliness

It's time once again for another round of blood, sweat and breasts. These are men's action magazines at their finest, so be prepared for near fatal levels of testosterone.  Many blogs give you a handful of action mag covers and leave you thirsting for more. Not Retrospace - we've got loads of action mags at the ready, just for you. Warning: This is a lot of guts, girls and guns to behold in a single dose. So, if you plan on viewing this post in one sitting, you may want to take certain precautions to balance out the dangerous levels of manly hormones. 

I recommend having a Celine Dion CD at the ready.  If you feel a sudden testosterone surge (generally originating in your temples and/or ball sack), quickly press play. I would also recommend you take a break midway through the post to cook muffins; and if you have the time, take in an episode of Glee.

Take these warnings seriously, and view them responsibly (unless you are Chuck Norris, in which case no precautions will be necessary). 


  1. My local library has a bookstore w/a free book cart & it's always exciting never knowing quite what treasure you'll find! I've had the best time ever with these titles: "The Serpent & the Staff," "The Razor's Edge," 13 Claassic Detective Stories (circa 1966 for 50cents! :) "Memoirs of An Ex-Prom Queen,""Beloved Infidel." So sad to think these future Kindle generations will never know the love of thrilling, illicit, enticing art of book covers similar to these magazines featured here...

  2. These are so great! I remember my dad buying some of these, and taking pains to make sure I didn't find them (sorry, Dad, no joy, lol).

  3. AnonymousJuly 02, 2012

    That first cover "I Was A Bumper On A North Korean Jeep For Uncle Sam!"