Vinyl Dynamite #35: Hold Your Ferret Aloft and Other Crazy Fabulous Song Titles

Hold Your Ferret Aloft by Clive John (1975)

I won't lie to you.  Sometimes I like something just because of the title. Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) wouldn't have been half as good without that title... and I'm not sure I would be so attached to Zappa's Weasels Ripped My Flesh! album were it not for that wonderful title. Steinbeck could have called his book The Joads Look for Jobs, but he went with The Grapes of Wrath because he knew we are all suckers for a title.

.... and if you've got a penchant for the strange and odd, then you're going to be especially suckered into these songs with weirdly awesome titles. I could've easily drawn everything from 70s prog rock, which reveled in awkward titles more than anybody; however, that would get old quick.  Also, please note that this is just a small collection of oddly amusing titles - this is by no means a list of the "funniest" song titles ever.... that's a topic for another post, perhaps. Until then, enjoy!

Mummy Was An Asteroid, Daddy Was A Small Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil by Quiet Sun (1975)

We Grasp the Naked Meat by Nine Days Wonder (1973)

De Doodgewoonste Dingen by Passe-Partout (1976)
(A tune from the Netherlands, which, according to Google Translate means "Death to Ordinary Things" - a pretty profound title in English, but it makes me giggle like an idiot when I hear it in Dutch)

Don't Eat Stuff off the Sidewalk by The Cramps (1981)

Scoobidab by Ginger Ale (1971)

Bite Your Granny by Morning, Noon and Night (1977)


  1. The Joads Look for Jobs!

    Thanks, I needed that laugh this morning!

  2. "Mummy was an Asteroid" had some seriously cool guitar riffage going on, "Bite Your Granny" was bad-ass, but "Hold Your Ferret Aloft".... that was painful. Painful.

  3. I'm not a great fan of rock, but I kinda like "Mummy Was an Asteroid, Daddy Was a Small Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil!"

  4. My favorite is "De doodgewoonste dingen"!

  5. MissAnnThropeNovember 15, 2011

    The Cramps were one of my favorite bands back in the day. My first thought at the picture was, "hey, that's not Lux Interior and Poison Ivy."

  6. AnonymousJune 26, 2012

    "De doodgewoonste dingen" translated does not mean death to ordinary things! It means just ordinary things.