Catalogs #16: Frederick's of Hollywood Xmas Catalogs

Santa loves crotchless panties! Nothing says the holidays like a low cut sheer polyester nightie. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

As an early Christmas present to you, here's some pages from two old Frederick's of Hollywood Christmas catalogs - one from 1967, the other from 1971. Consider dropping a ha'penny or two in the Christmas stocking (i.e. click the donation banner in the sidebar) for your old pal Gilligan. Merry Christmas!

Frederick's of Hollywood Christmas Catalog December 1967
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Frederick's of Hollywood December 1971 Catalog


  1. I missed my life's calling. My career shoulda been drawing hot women in lingerie. Damn. Great post.

  2. Some of the dresses and jumpsuits from the 1967 catalog are spectacular! Love the green and blue number with the cape. It's amazing that people made purchases based on the illustrative renderings and not actual photographs...without a photograph you really don't know what the actual product was going to look like.

  3. Those 3" waistlines, wow.

  4. Dang, that catalog was a lot cooler (maybe even classier) before they switched to using photos.

  5. First off I'm crazy for dress D in the first picture, dress B in the 5th, and dress DD in the 8th.

    Second, I agree with Chad. I have a latex allergy and have to watch what bras I wear. I've tried so many different kinds and only two brands so far do not make me break out in a painful and itchy rash - Victoria's Secret and Fredrick's. People look at me weird when I say this but it's true. Every other brand I've tried from Playtex to Olga Warner all cause painful rashes.

    So of course I get Fredrick's catalogues and the pictures just aren't as cool as these drawings. They are, in fact, severely creepy as any see-through items they photoshop out the women's nipples. It sends shivers up my spin to see these boobs that look like they belong on Barbie. Maybe if they put those little flower shaped nipple covers on them it would be less creepy, but they don't.

    That being said, I have to give them credit, even their skankiest, sluttiest looking clothing still looks incredibly feminine. Unlike many items you'll find in main stream shops where even the dresses were made to look like they belong on a macho guy.

  6. I'm sure Santa would look fabulous in ANY of those outfits...

  7. I love how there were only drawings of the fashions. I don't even buy shoes from a catalogue, why would I by an outfit that is only sketched??
    Now, I have bought things from Fredericks, and been given things also, but I would never by a line drawing.

    Thanks for the post.

  8. We had neighbors as I was growing up who would have us pick up their mail whenever they were on vacation. Occasionally, there was a package in the infamous "plain brown wrapper" from Frederick's. When I became old enough to appreciate the fact that the neighbor's wife (and her sister-in-law who lived across the street from her) were very attractive women, I would get my little brain overheated, wondering about what would be inside those packages. When the neighbors returned to the area for a visit some years ago, I had the privilege to hug Neighbor's Wife (mmmm), who could still probably pull off a Frederick's number or two even in her early 60s.