Magazines #31: El Papus '74

Just when you thought I couldn't veer any further off the beaten path, I've gone and posted a cover gallery of an obscure Spanish language magazine.  The best I can gather on El Papus is that it was a weekly satirical humor magazine not unlike National Lampoon.  Evidently, its satire cut a bit too close to the bone and they received a letter bomb in 1977 which killed one of their employees.

The covers aren't anything particularly legendary - mainly just pretty Spanish ladies (having little to nothing to do with the content between the covers). Nonetheless, I ran across a dozen or so issues from 1974, and thought they were interesting and odd enough to preserve on Retrospace.


  1. Lest we forget the unfortunately named Indian kid's comic the "Tinkle Digest"


  2. Whatever this is, it's great. Wonderful '70s design and vibe.