Found Photos #9: Merry Christmas!

I'd love to make a snarky comment about this picture - about their clothes and hair. But guess what, folks? We all looked like this back then. All 200 million of us.  So, rather than condescendingly smirk, let's embrace the beautiful "seventies-ness" of it all as we take a tour down Christmas Past and have a little fun with some old photographs.

"I find tinsel distracting!" - Mr. Costanza (Seinfeld)

No one freaking uses tinsel anymore - everyone uses the more respectable garland. I say bring back the tinsel.  The sad little tree above could do with a little more, don't you think?

This is not a Mini-Skirt Monday post, but it's an unavoidable fact that, when you have old photos from the early seventies, you're pictures are going to be totally photobombed by minis.  Nothing distracts and chews up the scenery like a miniskirt.

Merry Flocking Christmas, Everybody! My Christmas trees growing up were always flocked; nostalgia aside, I actually think it's actually a nice look.  The picture above is perhaps an example of excessive flocking.... and I think that may have been the ultimate reason for the ultimate downfall of the flocked tree.  Indeed, in 1976 everything got flocked - trees, wreaths, windows, stockings, mantles, bushes, etc. Like everything else in the seventies, it got a bit overboard... and by the eighties, there were no more flockers.  (If you haven't noticed, I flocking love that word).

In the spirit of Christmas, somebody please give that smoker a bigger chair!

This is obviously the worst Santa ever. I wouldn't say he looks creepy; he just looks embarrassed or disinterested.  He must be a teenager - teenagers know only three states of being: embarrassed, horny or disinterested.   This Santa may be all three.

Like I said, it's hard to find early seventies Christmas photos without the distracting presence of the mini.  My apologies.... and apologies in advance for the next two...

Okay, this last one technically doesn't fall under the "found photo" category, since it's a scan from an old magazine.  But, dear God, this picture had to be shared. Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Excellent finds. You bring a different flavor to the spirit of Christmas, usually associated with White Christmas and George Bailey etc.

  2. The early '70s were a washout for style. Girls still wore the same simple blouses and skirts as the '60s but they lost the wonderful updos of the '60s.

    Ice cream cones without the ice cream.

  3. Oh these are so wonderful!!!


  4. Fab photos!!

    I am a fan of copious amount of tinsel and would not dream of a tree without it!

    PS - I'm glad you didn't let that smoker in the small chair slip by cause it made me laugh really hard.

  5. PPS - So did the embarrassed, horny, disinterested Santa!

    Merry xmas!!

  6. In the photo of the smoker in the little chair, all I could think was "that woman's orange shoes clash with EVERYTHING in that picture!" Some of those photos remind me of my own family's photos of Christmas time in the 70s. My personal fave in my Christmas photo collection is one of me from 1975, standing among the gifts, one of which was my brand new potty chair. Merry Christmas to me, eh?

  7. Those were all great, and you saved the best for last. I liked flocked trees as well. Grew up with the silver thing with the rotating color wheel. It made me buy lots of real trees when I was finally on my own, including flocked. But now, I'm nostalgic for another aluminum beast. (mylar, actually) Merry Christmas Gilligan!

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  9. Great pics, as usual! Happy Holidays!

  10. But where do we put smoker guy? The man in the blue blazer is already sitting on the lamp stand. He's not trading with mini-skirt for obvious reasons and orange shoes appears to be zoned out and oblivious to what's going on...wonder what was in that glass?

  11. the guy with the flattop is remarkably bold for the early 70s. my kinda guy,