Comic Books #35: Betty & Veronica Fashions

I'm a big fan of Archie comics; I've been reading them for nearly forty years.  Recently, I got a hold of a bunch of Archie's Girls: Betty & Veronica comics.  What leapt out at me was how wonderfully in tune with teen culture they were - specifically the fashion and styles of the day. Bell bottoms, platform shoes, hot pants, Mork suspenders... they were all in Betty & Veronica comics.

Take a look at these "pin up/fashion" pages which were a regular feature in the comic during the late sixties and seventies..


  1. Any Archie Comics cover or page where the late Dan DeCarlo drew the fashions of the day are fine works of comic book art ("good girl" art, too). I, too, enjoy my collection of older Betty & Veronica comics partly for that reason.

    Fun post! If you find enough pictures of Archie's girls wearing miniskirts, you've got yourself an easy "Miniskirt Mondays" post!

  2. Interesting.... the fashion pages in most magazines, from Life to People to Cosmo, were really advertising. They always told you WHERE the shoes and pants could be bought.

    These fashion pages undoubtedly stimulated sales for all brands, because the readers would have to shop around to find an equivalent for the desired item.

    Seems strange in a strictly crass commercial way; I don't think publishers would allow an artist to celebrate 'generic fashion' nowadays!

  3. Banlon and Dacron? Can someone explain the references?

  4. Banlon and Dacron are both synthetic fibers.

  5. And yet, no matter how fab the fashions were, all of us lads wanted to see Betty and Veronica in NO CLOTHES AT ALL.

  6. Am I the only one who noticed the Archie voodoo doll on the bed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

  7. "Am I the only one who noticed the Archie voodoo doll on the bed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch?"

    Good eye. Right next to a baseball bat and the word [D]anger. Sabrina is silent, barefoot and has her eyes closed.

    How about a post on subliminal messages in Archie comics? Well then, take another look at Betty in the bowling ally 8-D

  8. That actually isn't an Archie voodoo doll. They were selling Archie dolls back then that looked just like that. Really, check the ads.

    They're still doing great fashion spreads, especially Dan Parent.


  9. Loved this article, and the photos. I have a facebook page called Betty and Veronica Fashions, and would love some fans to like it.