Mini Skirt Monday #101: The Modniks Mini Revolt

The "Mini Revolt" story in Modniks No.2 (1970) definitely qualifies as one of the great moments in miniskirt history. The story goes something like this: Miniskirts are outlawed at Surfside High (gasp!), resulting in a protest and a TV debate. Predictably, the mini triumphs and the principal is disgraced for his Puritanical thinking. In the end, even the principal's wife and the PTA start hiking up their hemlines.  Stand in the way of the miniskirt and you just might get burned.

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  1. Is that by Hank Ketcham, the Dennis the Menace guy? Looks like him.


  2. I look forward to Mini Skirt Monday each week. This was a fun article BUT I want to see real mini skirt photos not comic books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gak! That's just awful! The art is crude and the cartoonist obviously had no contact with actual reality. He mixed together a batch of styles and musicians that didn't co-exist in the same setting.

    By contrast, the artists for the Archie stuff had a sharp and accurate eye.

  4. Yeah. And I guess we've been swingin' in our own kicky way ever since. What a great world it will be when the biggest conflict we can muster is over hemline altitudes. But if Helen's face could launch a thousand ships, imagine what could happen over thighs.

  5. Very interesting comic. Except for the miniskirt, its completely out of date for 1970. It must have been aimed at school principals and administrators because youth had moved way past mod culture by 1970.