Mini Skirt Monday #98: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The New Year is here and, as we all recover from our hangovers and the year that was 2011 (Christ, I hope this one's better), I thought I'd celebrate the date with a festive themed Miniskirt Monday post.

This one's got bunches of vintage pictures of girls in minis at parties, clowning around, and just having fun. Let's recall that the miniskirt, back then, was just as much (if not more) about the the girls as it was the boys. It was the perfect display of liberation, youth, and general freedom of a new generation of female youth.  Sure, the guys loved it, but it was a statement, baby. It was a statement about casting aside old hang-ups and semi-puritanical constraints.

In other words, the mini was about letting your hair down and having a good time - a middle finger to the discretion of their parent's generation. Enjoy!



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  2. A little off-topic: If you want to see movies with '60s and '70s babes, Hollywood won't get you there. Aside from a few Elvis pics in which the babes were basically a pair of tits, Hollywood skipped the '60s and went directly to Mia Farrow unisex.

    Where do you find movies with actual '60s women? Egypt and Turkey.

    Example of Egypt:
    Lots of conversations and closeups, lots of women working in offices.

    Or for a more '70s look,
    with some remnant '60s hair and a lot of slinkiness and seductive smoking.

    For Turkey, just search Youtube for Filiz Akin and branch out from there. She seemed to be the Turkish equivalent of Doris Day, often playing a Cinderella type. Almost every movie starring Akin was esthetically satisfying from a '60s-babe viewpoint.