Mini Skirt Monday #99: Minis on Stage

Shakespeare and Moliere are great and all, but you know what would make 'em better? (I'll give you a minute to think.......) Answer: Miniskirts

Whether it was a local talent show, the school play, or choir recital, you couldn't always depend on it being a good performance, but back in the early seventies you could always depend on there being lots and lots of miniskirts. So, perhaps the recital was painfully off-key, and maybe the actors and actresses flubbed their lines in the play - the plethora of high hemlines made it all okay for the young lads (and dare I say dads) in attendance.

My job, as proprietor of Retrospace, is to resurrect these old minis every Monday and, thankfully, plenty of proud parents and local newspapers caught some of the acts on film. Enjoy.

.... and let's not forget the gals backstage!   THE END


  1. Lovin' the high kicking gal.

  2. There's Beavis & Butt-head's teacher Mr. Van Driessen in 2 shots of that one choir.

  3. Anyone else think it's Chaka Kahn in the front in the 5th row down?

  4. Whoa! What did that girl do to deserve a spanking??!!

  5. Is that a young Chris Christie standing next to the organ in the first picture?