Occult #12: Mixology

Yes, I know. Zodiac themed bartending isn't exactly demonology; however, astrology I think qualifies as occult related, even if it is pretty lightweight.  I'll refer you to a previous post on these Southern Comfort sponsored magazine inserts.  This time I've scanned a different Mixology leaflet (this one is from 1973), and this time it's the whole shebang (i.e. I wasn't lazy this time, and decided to scan every page).

Download the twelve page PDF
Below are a couple sample pages.


  1. No offense, but I really don't want to sign up for Rapidshare. Would you mind terribly just telling me what it says for Virgo? Pretty please?

    1. You should not have to sign up with Rapidshare to download. Please please please tell me if it is requiring you to be a member in order to download.

      I've been out of patience with rapidshare for over a year; I've stayed with them simply because I've already uploaded so much stuff to them that I'd hate for all that to be lost once I let my own membership expire.

    2. When I click it gives me a log in page and this -

      wnload: 1973_Mixology_Magazine_Insert.pdf (26.41 MB)
      ... copy directly into your account with RapidSave!

      - with two buttons next to it. One for share and one for upload. I don't see a download button or any clickable file link. Unless I'm having a major blonde moment. Which isn't unheard of with me. But right now all I see is things telling me if I want to know what it says for Virgo, I need to sign up.

    3. I just right clicked the link (I use Firefox, if that matters), and voila! Downloaded, with no message for signing up for Rapidshare

  2. I just clicked the link in the "Download the twelve page PDF" line up top and was given the option to download to my PC (middle choice, green button) and it is arriving as I type.

    Thanks for the scan!

  3. Well, I'm using Chrome of that makes a difference.