Vintage Men's Mags #21: The Island of Unsatisfied Women

Over the years, I've given you plenty of eye candy when it comes to vintage men's magazines.  However, I think it's time we actually sat down and read one of these beautiful pulp rags.  The covers and titles are lurid and titillating, but aren't you even a bit curious to read some of the stories? As an avid reader and an obsessive trash lover, I can't help but swallow up some of these wonderfully horrible adventure tales.

So, I've taken the time to scan a particularly gritty tale from a 1967 issue of True Adventures magazine entitled "Island of Unsatisfied Women" by Dick Revenaugh. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. With a title like that, the story was pretty disappointing in the unsatisfied women category. Plenty of action and gore but the sex pretty much consisted of "she smiled coyly".

    My favorite line in the story was "We fidgeted for several months".

  2. And are there direct flights to it?